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All You Need To Know About Connecting Flights


Connecting flights require passengers to disembark the initial plane and board another one to reach their destination. That is to say, you will have to board two different flights. You may have heard about the non-stop flights. Not to mention, they are indeed the most convenient mode of air travel. They are fast and you do not have to worry about the hassles of switching the flights. However, there are instances that they aren’t always available.

These flights generally carry operations where there is a great demand for them. Another factor associated with them is that they are on the costlier side. Perhaps, getting cheap flight tickets to India on non-stop flights is even more tedious. For these reasons, people have to take connecting flights. Traveling on connecting flights may seem like a hassle. Albeit, it’s nothing like that and is very much straightforward. These flights usually take you from the origin airport to your desired destination via the airline’s hub airport.

Booking The Connecting Flights

It’s equally important to know that you book the connecting flights with a one ticket for you. In other words, you will book the flight from point A to point B on a travel website. You can also consider using a price comparison engine. Besides that, they may provide you with an itinerary to point C where you need to transfer. It is important to realize that these flights may not be operated by the same airline.

Booking your flights this way is considered as one journey. For example, you are traveling from New York to Delhi. Suppose your flight is delayed for some unforeseen reasons and you miss your connecting flight. Henceforth, the airline will book a different flight for you to get from there to Delhi, free of cost. In case you miss your connecting flight, the airline is obliged to transport you to your destination. It cannot leave you stranded at the connecting airport for any reason.

Making Sure You Don’t Need A Visa For The Country You Are Connecting In

It’s a rarity that you will require a visa to make your transit through a country. However, there are certain exceptions to that. We will mention them all and they will prove helpful for you to book your flights to India from USA.

  • Countries that require you to avail a visa if you are just transferring there for a few hours:

Notably, the United States of America is the most common example for this. Thus, you will require an ESTA if you are just spending a couple of hours at an airport in USA.

  • Transfer at the airport without an airside transfer facility:

To point out, there are some airports which do not offer certain facilities. That is to say, they do not allow passengers to get off from the aircraft and go straight to the terminal. In this case, you will need a visa even just for transferring as well.

  • Self-connecting itineraries

You may be able to do an airside transfer quite comfortably. However, you may require check-in or re-checking your luggage at a connecting airport. Besides that, you will have to enter the country and thus may also require a valid visa. Therefore, it is always wise to check with your airline or the embassy of the country you have your connecting airport.

Confirming The Airport Your Connecting Flight Will Depart From

Most of the cities just have one airport with a particular airline. Apart from that, almost all regular connecting flights have a transfer point at a single airport. Airlines can also sell their flights where the first flight arrives at one airport and departs from the other. Moreover, you should also keep this in your mind when you book self-connecting flights. We know getting from one airport to another can be a hassle. You will need ample time to transfer from one airport to another. You can also do the same when you book flights to India from USA. In other words, confirm beforehand what the origin airport of your connecting flight is!

Check-In and Baggage on Connecting Flights

To clarify, if you are booking the regular connecting flights then the check-in process is very simple. It will be just as simple and uncomplicated as it is while booking direct flights. However, if you have trouble checking in online you will need to go to the airline’s check-in counter. On the other hand, it’s possible your flight includes a codeshare flight. Additionally, that will mean a different airline than the one on your ticket. It will require you to go back to the counter of the airline operating your first flight.

Get Your Boarding Passes Issued

With the regular connecting flights, you will easily be able to get the boarding passes. You can get them for all your flights at the departure airport. On the other hand, it’s a bit different with the self connecting flights. In particular, if you are flying on low-cost airlines. Your connecting flight may not be open for the check-in while you check-in for the first flight. However, this only happens rarely when you have a long layover.

Sending Your Luggage To The Final Destination

As a matter of fact, your luggage will be checked through at your departure airport. Thus, you just need to pick them up at your final destination. Picking them and re-checking them at the transfer airport is not required. But, it’s important to realize that exceptions are always there. For example, you are transferring from an international to domestic flight. In this case, you will have to re-check your luggage at the transfer airport.

Likewise, in countries like the USA a true transfer is not allowed. Hence, you will have to enter as well as exit the country with your luggage re-checks. If you aren’t sure about the process, you may consult the check-in staff. However, if you are on self-connecting flights you should try to show both your flight tickets. You may further ask the staff for checking in your bags. This indeed won’t be possible every time but can work at times. Ultimately, this saves you from all the hard work and the hassles of the process.

While Transferring To The Connecting Flight

After you reach the connecting airport, you need to follow the “Transfer” signs. Another key point is that they can also sometimes be written as “Transit or Connections”. It will thus lead you to the departure area of the airport. This is where you will successfully find the gate for your next flight. At some of the airports, you are directly led to the departure area. While at some airports you will have to go through a security checkpoint. It must be remembered that at some airports you have to go through the immigration as well. For example, in the USA and Xiamen, China you have to enter the countries.

What To Do If You Do Not Have Your Boarding Pass For The Next Flight!

When you are in such a situation you will have to stop by the airline’s transfer counter. Rather, you will have to collect it from there for your next flight. Besides that, if you are on self connecting flights your airline might not have them at your departure point. Therefore, you may have to enter the country in order to check-in. This may be also because you did not check in online. However, it’s possible you may not have the boarding pass for any other reason. In fact, you might also have to change the terminals at the time of transfer sometimes.

A Connecting Flight Might Not Necessarily Wait For You

The airports through which the connecting flights are sold have their own MCT. That is the minimum connecting time. To summarize, it’s the time between the arrival of your first flight and departure of your second flight. You have further permission to book your ticket during this time. For instance, the time may vary from airport to airport. Some airports have a 40 minutes period while others can have even more than an hour of MCT. Overall, it can depend on the type of connection. You may thus need to change the terminals as well.

Apart from that, transfer from international to domestic and vice versa is another deciding factor. Whatever be the reason, your transfer is not always a guarantee. Likewise, the plane may not wait for you if you are late. Your arrival flight may be late due to any unavoidable reason. In fact, there may be long queues due to which you may miss your connecting flight. However, if unfortunately you miss your flight, head straight to the airline’s desk. They will indeed help you solve the matter. Henceforth, you will be rebooked on a different flight. You may also contact your travel partner if you face such an issue.

Enjoying Your Layover If You Have Time

When you have a long layover, it’s always great to make the most of it. However, if it’s just for an hour or two better spend time at the airport. Staying at your terminal or exploring a lounge is a great way to pass your time. But, if you have a whole day or eight to ten hours, look for other possibilities. Rather than getting bored at the airport, you can consider entering the country.

Exploring the city or going sightseeing is also a smart choice. On the other hand, if the layover extends overnight, look for a hotel. Moreover, you can do some research as well. Sometimes the airlines provide their passengers with free hotels and city tours. To sum up, these tours and hotels may also be available at discounted prices. You can have a great time at your connecting destination if you want to. There are many programs on offer for passengers with long layovers.

Book Your Flights With The Best

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We all know that connecting flights are not as convenient as non-stop flights. But, connecting flights are a lot cheaper than them. On the other hand, sometimes they are the best and the only available option to travel. It must be remembered that the whole process of boarding these flights is very simple. The boarding passes for all the flights are mostly available at your departure airport.

Similarly, you can get your baggage check-in all the way till your final destination. It’s only very rarely that you need to re-check your luggage at the connecting airports. That too is specifically when you book self connecting flights. It’s not that bothersome at that point of time as well. In conclusion, connecting flights are a good option to travel on long haul routes.