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Air Travel Health Tips


Traveling is one thing that most people enjoy and love. It opens up exciting possibilities for adventures and lends you the joy of new experiences on the way. And when it comes to travel by air there might be some challenges as well as many unwarranted things to encounter. Distance is one factor to be considered while you are jetting off as an in flight journey could really impact your health in many ways. We will talk about some wholesome air travel health tips that you might consider making use of which could definitely be of some help to you when you embark for your next journey.

Health Tips For Air Travel: 

1. Staying hydrated

One of the things that you can be mindful of is drinking plenty of water throughout the journey as it will really help you to keep yourself hydrated. At least try to drink around eight to ten ounces of water. Always try to take your own water bottle with you. You can also ask the cabin crew to refill it for you rather than depending on the tiny glasses served on flights. Drinking enough water is always a good thing to do as it has so many health benefits. Also make sure that you are using the restroom every few hours and stretching your legs that will keep your body functions going well.

2. Always restrain from taking alcohol

Drinking alcohol on the flight is never a wise choice to make. Not only will it leave you dehydrated but will also give you an unpleasant hangover. That can also raise the chances of getting a headache when you disembark at your destination. Definitely no one wants that to happen. So avoiding alcohol on flights is an important and always a smart thing to do. You can choose some nice soft drinks over alcohol though. How good it feels to sip any of your favourite chilled beverages. We all know that feeling. Don’t us!

3. Move around at intervals

Whether you are traveling by economy or first class, sitting at the same place for hours can hamper the blood circulation in your body or could also be a potential reason for cramps in your body. It’s important to move around and take frequent trips to the restroom that will help and facilitate blood flow throughout your body. Practicing some yoga after your fight too is good for your nerves and body.

4. Making the right use of sleep aids

We all are different when it comes to our sleep patterns. Some of us are comfortable to find ourselves a sound sleep, while for some it could be a hard thing to do. So avoiding unnecessary sounds and sights is a great way to find you a good sleep. Carrying noise cancelling headphones and eye masks could be really helpful over a flight. You can also make use of a travel friendly blanket or a travel pillow which can lend you some respite from the neck and the back pain.

5. Choose the right skin care products

The cabin air can have some effects on your skin and leave it dry with breakouts. If you want that the recycled air doesn’t do any damage to your skin it would be a smart choice to fill your carry bag with a good moisturizer or skin cream. Using them could help keep your skin fresh and healthy while you travel.

6. Healthy snacks are always wholesome

You always don’t get the right meal on the air travel health tips as the time zones may vary. You might not be able to keep a track of your meals and even won’t relish them if you don’t like what’s being served. Carrying healthy snacks like dry fruits, nuts as well as protein bars is good and you can refuel yourself at your disposal. This will keep you energized and provide the optimum required nutrition on your trip.

Flight journeys can leave you exhausted, tired and jetlagged. However, if you make some smart choices it’s very likely that you can avoid the possible repercussions of a flight journey. It doesn’t require any rocket science. It’s just what you have learned along your air travel journey and knows what’s really important and what’s not. We all learn through experiences and traveling is what can teach you a great deal in life. In the contemporary world there are millions of people who travel by air.

If you fly to India or around the world these basic and easy tricks can be very helpful to you. It doesn’t matter you choose to travel by economy, business class flights or by the first class. Making sure that we are in good health while we travel is one thing we should always care about. So the next time you plan to embark on your journey do try to pay heed to these aforementioned tips and tricks. Bon voyage!!