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Air India’s New Premium Economy Class: Everything You Need to Know


Have you heard about Air India launch new premium economy class? Air India is breaking new ground in the airline industry by placing enormous orders for planes. But now they are prioritizing passenger comfort. So, this is the reason why Air India (Tata owned) is introducing premium economy seating to travelers on India-US flights from 15th of May. However, this is particularly beneficial for economy class travelers because most of the time they are not happy with the limited legroom. Especially, on the time of laung haul flights. So, in this article you will get to know more about this, latest news shared by Air India.


Air India Launches Premium Economy Class

The flag carrier (mediator) of India has declared the introduction of premium economy class. Therefore, this will be selected on long haul flights that will be operated by the 777-200LR on the India-US route from 15th of May, 2023. So, reservations are also open now. At the start, these flights will be available from Bangalore to Mumbai to San Francisco and from Mumbai to New York. However, this is going to be the first airline in India that will offer you the four-cabin classes. This will be first, business, premium economy, and economy classes. Therefore, all the flights will come with a fast-track airport experience.


Air India Premium Economy Class Routes

The facility will be available on some of the given famous India to USA flights which will soon be enlarged to many more routes.

  • Mumbai-New York
  • Mumbai-San Francisco
  • Bengaluru-San Francisco

However, travelers who are traveling on USA to India Flights will also soon be able to pick the perks of buying Premium Economy Class air tickets. The airline has the plan to enlarge this to countless international routes soon as the AI team is working passionately on expanding and modernizing its fleet.


Air India Premium Economy Class Features

Air India’s Premium Economy class assures you that they will provide you a wide range of comforts including –

  • First-class inflight services and added convenience on the ground
  • A fast-tracked airport experience
  • Dedicated staff on check-in counters
  • Good quality Leather upholstered and memory foam seats
  • Winged headrests
  • Adjustable leg & footrests for extra legroom.

At the time of boarding, passengers will be greeted with a drink that will be served on an elegant silver tray. Moreover, a menu card will provide a glimpse of the culinary delights they can expect during the flight. Additionally, there will be an appetizer, three main course options, and dessert, along with a fine selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.


Air India Introduces New TUMI Amenity Kits

Air India has also introduced some new amenity kits from Tumi for First. This starts for Business, and Premium Economy class passengers. However, Passengers who are traveling in First and Business class will be provided with Tumi sleepwear. Additionally, there are specific amenity kits for each class of travel and sleepwear included.

However, in the case of Premium Economy travelers, they will receive several things in their complimentary TUMI amenity kit. Like, flight socks, a lip moisturizer, carpet slippers, an eye mask. You will also be provided with noise-canceling headphones for use while journeying, So, this will ensure a peaceful and comfortable flight.


Air India’s Transformation Progress So Far

Air India announced a massive 5-year transformation roadmap which is called Vihaan. AI in September 2022. With so much to do, the new team is taking it one step at a time, setting various goals for its journey ahead. Sometimes this is what is expected to be an uphill task. Therefore, Air India made a famed order for up to 500 jetliners, invested in not so many areas. They started a number of flights that is with upgraded food menus on international flights, additionally, it introduced new TUMI amenity kits, launched a premium economy class on US flights, etc.


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