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What To Do When Your Air Flight Booking Get Canceled!


Traveling in an airplane for hours is hard and the cancellation procedure attached to the same is even harder. The rights of the passengers linked with the cancellation are established by the government in most of the countries. This means you can enjoy the same flight cancellation rights for all the scheduled airlines.

Talking about the US, there is surprisingly no such federal law or regulation specified for the passengers. Hence, your rights in regards to cancellations depend upon the airline’s contract entirely. And this means you may see variations from one airline to another.

When there is cancellation of domestic flights or the international ones, there are 2 options left. The first one is to get a seat on your original airline’s next available flight and the other one is to get a refund of the unused portion of your ticket.

Most of the airlines to provide assistance when your flight gets canceled but if such situation happens due to bad weather or some other force majeure factor, then conditions may vary.


In simple words, cancellation is defined as a condition when an airline can’t get you to your destination without a delay. It generally occurs when the airline does not operate the flight due to any reason.

If you are traveling to or from the US, then you can claim for the compensation as per the rules obeyed by every flight company. Later your refundable amount depends on a number of cases attached to the cancellation of air flight booking.


You are allowed to claim for the refunds when the cancellation occurs on behalf of the airline. You have a right to get a full refund of the remaining value of your ticket. The refunds are available both in cash as well as credit to your credit card.

In case, the onward connecting flight from a hub airport is canceled, then the airline will refund the entire value of the ticket and don’t charge anything from you.

As there are a few airlines that do not specify a refund, but a refund is always an option.


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