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Miami May Start A Trolley route to Miami International Airport hub!


City and county leaders are recommending two transportation improvements to put traffic gridlock to ease. The city would run a trolley route to connect with the Miami Intermodal Center next to Miami International Airport and will be building a train station platform on the Northeast Corridor if the demonstration projects win final approval and funds.

The authorized administrators of Miami City Commission are to submit the Northeast Corridor Proposal and the East-West Corridor Proposal last week, which was in response to the Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization’s invitation for SMART Plan demonstration proposals.

Mayor Francis Suarez, and Manolo Reyes, who’s the Commissioner, and Vice Chair Ken Russell are sponsoring the legislation.

According to Mayor Suarez, these projects are a put the city of Miami for a huge win and a step towards seeing the SMART Plan come alive.

SMART or The Strategic Miami Area Rapid Transit, is prioritizing light rail or premium transit technology along with six priority corridors, and a bus express rapid transit network.

According to Mr. Bovo, all proposed SMART demonstration projects endorsed by the TPO Transportation and Mobility Committee should be advanced.

Attaching multiple modes of transit to the airport like trolleys, trains, rental vehicle, buses, and more, MIC is a transportation hub.

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