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When Is The Best Time To Buy Airline Tickets On Budget For 2018 Travel Season!


It is hard for the traveler to get the best deals especially for those who are passionate about exploring new destinations. But, it can change into a better option if you book your flight on time by saving money on deals. If you are kind of person who loves to travel any time in the year, then you have to wait for the festive season or off-season deals. Because most of the major airlines come up with special fares and can discount on your flight bookings at any time of the year.

Common wisdom to find the best deal on airfare is to book your flights early and be flexible with your time and dates. This may cost you less money. So, analyze the best time to book flights to India  and figure out when a potential flight will cost you less dollar.

Best Time To Buy Airline Tickets

Here is the best time to buy your airline ticket depending on the season:

  • Winter: 62 days in advance
  • Spring: 90 days in advance
  • Summer: 47 days in advance
  • Fall: 69 days in advance

1. Winter Flights: Best Time To Buy

While Christmas and New Year’s can be among the most expensive travel periods, you can still get good deals for non-holiday winter travel.

Here is the best to buy tickets:

Best Time 62 days in advance
Prime Booking Window 21-110 days from travel date


2. Spring Flights: Best Time To Buy

Spring break can drive up prices throughout March and April while there are no major holidays during the spring that cause significant price increases.

Here is the best time to buy tickets:

Best Time 90 days in advance
Prime Booking Window 46-122 days from travel date


3. Summer Flights: Best Time To Buy

Summer is the most popular travel season where July is the top month for travel. You can find the lowest fares in August and September.

Here is the best time to buy tickets:

Best Time 47 days in advance
Prime Booking Window 14-160 days from travel date


4.   Fall Flights: Best Time To Buy

With the exception of Thanksgiving, you can find great bargains for fall travel.

Here is the best time to buy:

Best Time 69 days in advance
Prime Booking Window 21-100 days from travel date


The Schedule Time Of Booking Flights

Know the best day and time to book cheap flight tickets . It might be worthwhile if you book your accommodation at the same time when you are planning to book a flight to India. Here are the best times and dates to book your flight during any season. Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest days to fly.

1.    Booking 6-11 Months In Advance:

It would seem logical that buying flight tickets in advance means you can find tickets on lowest fares. But, that case is not always the same. If you buy in this window, you may find lower cost tickets due to fare sales. If extra cost applies, the advantage of buying early is access to more flight options and a better chance of securing your desired flight.

2.    Booking 4-6 Months In Advance:

This window has a lower cost. While you may pay extra cost more than discounted fares, but you will still have a wider selection of flights and seats.

3.    Prime Booking Window: 3 weeks – 4 months in advance:

This is when you will find the best fares. This window, on average, sees fares range within 5% of their lowest price.

  1. Booking 2-3 weeks in advance:

You are getting close, and this is the next best option after the Prime Booking Window. Check out properly because your first choice for seats may not be available.

  1. Booking 1-2 weeks in advance:

Prices will be higher than the Prime Booking Window, but still cheaper than the last minute purchase. The upside is your ticket fare will be 22% less expensive than the next category.

  1. Booking 0-6 days in advance:

If you have waited this long, good luck on finding your favorite flight and seat options. You also have to pay more or on average, if you purchased the same ticket during the Prime Booking Window. You may find a surprising OR last-minute flights if you are flexible on destination, connections and flight time.

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