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Vistara Cabin & Checked-in Baggage Allowance


When we step out of our homes, we tend to carry our essentials along with us, no matter if it’s a short trip within the city or flying to another city. Don’t we? However, while flying on airlines, we need to pay attention to the amount of baggage we can carry along. Each airline has its own set of baggage policies. And, in this blog, we have exclusively covered the Vistara baggage allowance. We have jotted down important details pertaining to Vistara business class baggage allowance, Vistara international baggage allowance, and Vistara baggage weight limit.   

A smooth and hassle-free journey starts from your home. Can’t agree more? This can be accomplished only if you follow the right baggage protocol of the airline that you are flying in. Even you have to pack according to weight and size limits provided by the airline. In the instances wherein you are exceeding the baggage weight limit, extra charges shall be applicable. So, it’s advised to stay prepared and pack your bags judiciously.

Also, it is highly advisable that when you reach the airport make sure to label the tags on your baggage with your name, address, and destination point.

Every traveler is not aware of the packing hacks so here we are with the basic rules for the baggage by Vistara.

Hand Baggage: Hand baggage that is allowed in the cabin must follow specific guidelines such as:

Dimension: 55cm x 40cm x 20cm

Total weight:

  • 7 kg in Economy
  • 10 kg in Premium Economy
  • 12 kg in Business

Hand baggage is not allowed if they do not follow the dimension and weight criteria. Besides one piece of hand baggage, passengers are allowed to carry other personal items such as:

  • Ladies handbag
  • Camera
  • Reading material for the flight
  • Infant’s feeding aids for consumption during the flight
  • Laptop

For more stuff that does not fit in the cabin, Vistara check-in baggage is allowed. This baggage needs to be checked in at the security checkpoint.

The maximum weight permissible for a single piece of baggage is 32 kg for all cabin classes. On the basis of cabin class, the free baggage allowance is described below:

Cabin Baggage Allowance
Economy 15 kg
Premium Economy 20 kg
Business 30 kg


The maximum dimensions (l+b+h) for each baggage should not exceed 158 cm.


Check-in baggage allowance for travel within India (per customer except for infants)
Cabin Class Lite/Value Standard Flexi
Economy Class  15kg,1 pc 15kg  20kg
Premium Economy 20kg 25kg 30kg
Business Class 30kg 35kg 40kg


Check-in baggage allowance for travel to Bangkok, Dubai, Singapore, and Colombo (per customer except for infants)
Cabin Class Value Standard Flexi
Economy Class 30kg 30kg 35kg
Premium Economy 35kg 35kg 40kg
Business Class 40kg 40kg 45kg


Liquids, gels, or aerosols exceeding 100ml are not allowed in cabin baggage unless it is baby food and prescribed medicines.

If your baggage exceeds the above allowance you will be charged for it as per cabin class and ticket:

Class Charges for excess weight Charges for excess piece
Economy INR 500* per kg INR 8050* per piece
Premium Economy INR 500* per kg INR 8050* per piece
Business Class INR 500* per kg INR 8050* per piece


These prices are for India

Excess baggage charges at the airport for Bangkok, Dubai, Singapore and Colombo
Excess Baggage Charges (per kg) Economy Class Premium Economy Business Class
To and from India USD 12 USD 12 USD 12
To and from International destinations USD 12 USD 12 USD 12


Vistara Baggage Allowance for International Travelers: Baggage allowance differs depending on the connecting flight and connection time.

  • Flying abroad on Vistara? Here is all you need to know about Vistara international baggage allowance.

For the connection to/from an international

  • the flight on the ticket, the check-in baggage allowance will be as mentioned in the ticket.
Class and fare type No. of Pieces allowed Weight limit
Business Class 2 32kg each
Premium Economy 2 23kg each
Economy Class on Standard or Flexi fares 23kg total
Economy Lite fare 1 15 kg


Interline Baggage Allowance

For the connection to/from an international flight on separate tickets for more than 24 hours of the Vistara flight baggage allowance mentioned on the ticket will be applied.

Also, some of the items are considered under banned items by Vistara and are not allowed to carry. Consider checking out the non-allowed items to save yourself from the hassle.

Interline Baggage Allowance

Vistara offers Free Baggage Allowance to customers making domestic to international or international to domestic connections between Vistara and an interline/codeshare partner/other airline:

If the connection is to/from an international flight on one single document/ticket:

Passengers travelling to/from international destinations with Vistara interline or codeshare partners on a single document will be offered the same baggage allowance end-to-end as mentioned on their International ticket. It is regardless of whether it is on weight or as per piece concept.

If connections are to or from an international flight on two separate documents/tickets within 24 hours of the Vistara flight:

In case you are travelling in Economy Class, you will be offered the higher baggage allowance between the allowance mentioned on the international ticket and the allowance mentioned on the domestic ticket. These can be maximum up to 23kg. If you have booked a domestic leg on Economy Lite fare, then baggage allowance for Economy Lite will be applicable.

If you are travelling in Premium Economy, Vistara will offer a higher baggage allowance between the allowance mentioned on the international ticket and the allowance mentioned on the domestic tickets. These are up to a maximum of 2 pieces of 23kg each.

Passengers travelling in Business Class will be offered a higher baggage allowance. These allowances would be in between the allowance mentioned on the international ticket and the allowance mentioned on the domestic ticket, up to a maximum of 2 pieces of 32kg each. Please note that the weight of a single bag should not exceed 32kg.

Passengers need to have a copy of their international ticket and boarding pass for verification at the time of check-in for their Vistara flight.

If the connection to or from an international flight on a separate document or ticket is more than 24 hours from the Vistara flight:

The baggage allowance shown on the Vistara ticket will be applicable.

Any weight exceeding the aforementioned allowances shall be charged as excess baggage. Vistara charges the customer for the excess baggage at the time of check-in and bag(s) will be a check-in for the Vistara segment only.

Excess baggage will be chargeable as:

INR 500 per kg will be charged across all fare categories for travel within India. Excess baggage charges differ for travel outside India.

If you are traveling within India, extra bags/pieces will be chargeable at INR 8,050 per bag/piece across all classes.

(Maximum 23kg in Economy Class and Premium Economy and it is up to 32kg in Business Class).


Vistara does not accept any single piece of baggage weighing more than 32kg. You must beware of this Vistara baggage policy before planning your packing for the trip! Opt to distribute the essentials into multiple bags than a single one.

For infants – Check-in baggage allowance is as per their international ticket (depending on the type of document/ticket).

These charges will apply to the Vistara sectors only.

What if you have lost your luggage or it is delayed?

If you do not find your baggage at the destination then you can contact the personnel assigned by Vistara at the arrival hall.

You will be asked for your contact number, address to file a report and in return, they provide a reference number.

This reference number can be used to track your baggage.

If you find your bag damaged?

In transportation, small cuts and tears may be caused. Moreover, you have to ignore the following kind of damage:

  • Overpacked/oversized bags
  • Items of a fragile
  • Baggage with manufacturing defects

For serious damage, you can contact the Vistara personnel.

Flying with children in Vistara:

Children below the age of 18 are categorized into four parts:
  • Infants younger than 7 days
  • Infants between 7 days and 2 years
  • Children between the age of 5 and 12 years
  • Young travelers between the age of 13 and 18 years

Keep the following points in mind:

  • If the traveling infant is younger than 7 days, you need medical authorization before flying to assure the safe travel of the infant.
  • For an infant between 7 days and 2 years of age valid ID is required.
  • Children between the ages of 5 and 12 can travel as unaccompanied minors with a fee of INR 2500* for their special assistance.
  • If your children are between the ages of 13 and 18, they may travel as young customers once an adult has waived unaccompanied minor handling.

These are some important baggage allowance-related facts that you should know before traveling to Vistara.


1.> How much luggage is allowed in Vistara domestic flight?

ANS:- You can carry free hand baggage up to a maximum of 7kg in case of Economy Class, 10kg in case of Premium Economy and 12kg in case of Business Class when travelling within India and outside India. Hand baggage must fit within the size limits for cabin baggage.

2.> How do I get extra baggage on Vistara?

ANS:- For travel within India

However, excess baggage can be purchased in order to carry more. There are two ways you can purchase excess baggage: At the airport – If only additional weight is being carried, you will be charged INR 500 per kg (inclusive of taxes), irrespective of the fare you selected.

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