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Tips to Avoid Jetlag on a Long-Haul Flight Journey


Long-haul flight journey is not so easy when you travel in a different time zone. Your body can’t cope up easily when you enter a new time zone. This is because our body can’t resist the change in routine. As a result, you may feel many problems such as indigestion, insomnia, loss of appetite, lack of concentration, etc. These are some of the common effects of jet lag.

Many people are affected in their own way and no one can estimate how much time it will take to recover. All you can do is to avoid jetlag as much as possible. For this, we have come with some basic and easy tips for you so that you can maintain your health status.


Prepare for the Journey:

You know that you are going for a long-haul journey and it is going to make you tired. Try to book a day flight or when you feel easy to travel. Before the journey doesn’t work hard and make some time to relax.


Get Some Good Sleep Before Flying:

Get Some Good Sleep Before Flying

Before the journey makes sure that you get a good sleep before the flight. People feel so excited and nervous before the journey and get engaged in unnecessary things. Try to get a good night sleep if you want to cope-up with the jet lag.


Choose Travel Time Smartly:

Choose Travel Time Smartly

If you are going to have a journey of hours; then opt for the timings which suit your sleep schedule. If the journey is enough for a whole night then book a red-eye flight so that you can complete the journey while sleeping overnight.

If you can’t sleep at night then try to get a direct flight ticket that will depart early in the morning and will reach at the destination at a time so that you can get a full night rest.


Sleep in the Flight:

Sleep in the Flight

In the day time journey avoid oversleeping. You must sleep in the flight for relaxing the body but getting too much sleep will cause you to wake the whole night after you reach the destination. So, sleep strategically by taking an hour of a nap to refresh you.


Be Careful What You Eat and drink:

Be Careful What You Eat and drink

Have an eye over your diet on the board. Bring some snacks with yourself to eat on the flight. Don’t be a drinking binge on the board. Also, try to avoid caffeine before and during the flight.


Stay Hydrated:

Stay Hydrated

Ensure that you drink water after a regular interval of time in the flight. This is because when you stay hydrated on the flight and even on the ground can make you feel better. Also, there are restrictions for liquid in the flight so you must carry a bottle so that to refill in the flight.


After You Reach the Destination:

  • Sync your clock with the destination time: Try to sync yourself with the local time; it will help your brain and body to adapt the changes with the new time zone.


  • Stay according to the local time and routine. Make yourself social and have a routine similar to the people around you. If you stick to the new schedule then you will easily adapt in a few days.


  • Treat the Jetlag: Sunlight is a powerful cure for jetlag. It can reset your mind and body internally. When you reach the destination, keep yourself in fresh air; open a window or go outside during the daytime to expose you to sunlight. It will help you adjust to the new time zone


  • Do Exercise: If you are one of those who can’t recover easily from jetlag then try some exercise. Opt for outdoor exercise so that you can get exposure to sunlight too.


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