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Do You Know Delta has Changed its Boarding Process into Zones?


Delta Airline has come with a new boarding process to make boarding of passengers smoother and clear. It has changed and increased the boarding categories as compared to the previous one. The previous boarding process is explained as follow:

  • After pre-boarding customers, Delta One® customers, First Class customers, Delta Premium Select customers, and Diamond Medallion® Members can board.
  • These are followed by Sky Priority Boarding customers.
  • In the end, basic economy passengers are the last to board the aircraft.

Delta One® Customer and Diamond Medallion® Members

Talking about the new boarding process, there is increased number of categories resulting made for the convenience of customers. The new boarding process uses a zone technique for boarding.

In this technique pre-boarding comes to the premium boarding zone. Customers who need extra time or special time to board and active duty U.S. military personnel with ID are given priority. In this way airline allows the most valued customers to board early.

Then the next four layered ordered are same i.e

Delta One® customer and Diamond Medallion® Members can board.

They are followed by First Class or Delta Premium Select which consists of Delta Premium Select customers, First Class customers, and Diamond Medallion® Members.

Delta Comfort+®: Delta Comfort+ customers

Sky Priority®:

  • Platinum Medallion® members:
  • Gold Medallion® members
  • Flying Blue Platinum and Gold members
  • Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold members
  • Virgin Australia Platinum and Gold members
  • GOL Smiles Diamond members
  • Sky Team® Elite Plus members

After that, the zone switches to cabins.

Main Cabin 1:

  • Silver Medallion® Members
  • Delta Corporate Travelers
  • Priority Boarding Trip Extra customers
  • Gold, Platinum and Reserve Delta Sky Miles® Credit Card members
  • Flying Blue Silver members
  • Virgin Australia Velocity Silver members
  • GOL Smiles Gold members
  • Sky Team® Elite

Main Cabin 2:

It includes Main Cabin customers

Main Cabin 3:

Main Cabin customers booked in T, X and V fares can board.

At last the Basic Economy: Basic Economy customers can board.

There is another way for priority boarding that is to purchase it.

Digital Screens for Boarding Information

Purchasing the Priority Boarding:

Delta Airlines allow its customers to purchase priority boarding for any flight operated by Delta or its partners. The cost for priority boarding purchase is $15* per flight.

  • After purchasing it you are allowed to board equivalent to Main Cabin 1 passengers. On your boarding pass, the service facility will be printed.
  • In case you cancel or change your flight then this purchase cost will be fortified.

Moreover, another change for the Delta’s customers is the colour scheme.

Colour-Based Scheme:

Under his scheme, there will be different colours for each section of the booking process; the different colours will be displayed on Delta’s website, as well as on airport screens. Visit Mintfares For booking Flight Tickets to India

  • Under this scheme, each passenger will be given a complimentary colour from booking to boarding.
  • Following you can see the colour scheme to identify the boarding zone of the passengers.
  • To improve the customer experience they have changed their static board screens with digital screens.