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Things You Can Carry On An Air Journey


When we plan our trips, there are certain things we need to take care of. Apart from booking tickets on time and making arrangements for accommodation, we also need to pack our bags carefully and make sure that we don’t pack any things which are not allowed or prohibited to carry during an air journey.

Airlines have updated their list of things that are allowed and prohibited to carry during air travel. So always make sure to check airline guidelines before packing anything which you think might cause any trouble during check-in. Whenever you book a flight, don’t forget to read the rules and regulations of airlines and sometimes of airports. Different airlines have different sets of rules and guidelines for items allowed or disallowed. Some items are common and have been put in the restricted items list for all airlines and airports.

Mintfares time and again keep its readers and customers updated with the list of items that are allowed or prohibited by the airlines.

What is Checked-In Baggage?

Checked-In baggage is that baggage which you can’t carry along with you to your seat as it is big in size and heavier. You usually hand over it to the airline staff to keep it along with other cargo.

What is Carry On Luggage?

Carry on luggage is a small handbag or backpack that has your essential items and you can carry it to your seats to keep it near you. Carry on bag is smaller in size and lighter compared to checked-in baggage.

List of things that are not allowed in checked-in baggage

In recent times, airlines have made a strict policy about things that can be carried or are prohibited. There are certain items, which are completely prohibited by all airlines across all airports. Acids, Explosives, Flammable Liquids, Arms, and Contraband, these items are completely banned by airlines and you can’t carry them in any circumstances.

Alcoholic Beverages –

Though alcoholic beverages are usually allowed to carry on board, still there are certain conditions that prohibit carrying alcoholic beverages that are over 140 proof or 70% ABV are not allowed to carry during air travel. Neither you can carry it in checked-in baggage nor in carry-on luggage. As it falls under a highly inflammable category.


Compressed Gasses –

There are some gasses or chemicals that can cause any kind of risk to the aircraft or passengers are not allowed to be carried during air travel.

Butane Gas, Chlorine, CO2, Fire Extinguishers, Liquid Nitrogen, Propane Liquid and Gas Torches are highly risky and these items are not allowed on board.


Batteries –

Power Banks, Dry cell batteries, Lithium Batteries and loose laptop batteries are also not allowed to carry in either checked-in baggage or in carry-on baggage.

Lithium batteries that are smaller than 100 watts are allowed in checked-in baggage.


Flammable Items –

All flammable materials such as lighter fluid, flammable paints, safety matches, stoves or lighters are prohibited to carry. However, fuel-free or dismantled lighters can be carried in checked-in baggage.


Arms and Ammunition –

Arms and ammunition are strictly prohibited to carry during air travel. Neither you can carry ammunition or arms in checked-in baggage nor carry on baggage.

Guns, bombs, Firecrackers, Tear Gas, Gun powder, Toy Replica of Ammunitions, Weapons such as whips, nan-chakus, baton, or stun gun, Party poppers, Torch Lighters, Knives, Scissors, Swiss army knives, and other sharp instruments are prohibited to carry on.


Other items that are prohibited in checked-in baggage

  • Dry Ice
  • Car Parts
  • Spray Paints
  • Paint Thinner
  • Liquid Bleach
  • Poisons

Things which should not be carried in checked baggage

Though airlines have made a list of items allowed or prohibited to carry in checked baggage or carry on baggage. There are certain items which one should not carry in checked baggage in any case.

Expensive Items –

One should always be careful of packing expensive or pricey items in checked baggage. Though there are very less chances of losing your baggage still you should avoid packing any valuables in checked baggage.

Jewelry –

Avoid packaging your jewelry in your checked baggage. As your jewelry is one of your most precious items, don’t risk it.

It can be lost or stolen or sometimes can be damaged due to some mishandling. You can carry it in your carry-on baggage. The best practice is to wear it.

Vacuum Compressed Bags –

Though there is no restriction on carrying vacuum compressed bags, still you should avoid carrying these. As the airport security might ask you to open your bag for inspection and then you have to go through the packaging process at the airport.

Cash or Credit Cards –

Though you might have thought of the safety of your cash and want to keep it in the checked-in baggage but that is noṭ a good practice. If somehow, you lose your baggage or misplace it, then all your cash and cards will be lost and it will be difficult for you.

Medications –

Always remember to keep your medications in your carry-on baggage. In case of any emergency, you can easily access your carry-on baggage.

Rules and Regulations for Flight Luggage

Every airline and airport has standard international rules and regulations for flight luggage. It is always advisable to read these guidelines carefully before packaging your luggage.

Avoid packaging such things which are prohibited and are not on the list of allowed items. Make sure you don’t pack any valuables and cash in your checked luggage to avoid any loss.

Whenever you are in doubt you can get in touch with Mintfares 24/7 customer service for any assistance.


Q1. Can I carry alcoholic beverages in checked baggage?

Ans- Though alcoholic beverages are allowed to carry in checked baggage but there are certain limits on it. You can’t carry alcoholic beverages above 140 proof or 70% ABV.

Q2. How can I carry my lighter with me?

Ans- If you want to carry a lighter along with you, then you must be aware that it should be fuel-free or dismantled.

Q3. Can I carry a laptop in checked baggage?

Ans- There are no restrictions on carrying any electronic gadget or laptop in checked baggage but you should avoid doing that as it could get damaged during baggage handling or sometimes can be misplaced or lost.