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LaGuardia Airport Has Introduced Jabbrrboxes Work Pods With Total Privacy!


The New York’s LaGuardia airport has tested a new private workspace booth for their passengers. It is offering a different kind of privacy than traditional business lounges. These pod-like structures are known with the name of Jabbrrboxes that can be reserved in 15-minute increments for whatever discreet purpose one might need.

Jeremy Jennings on Jabbrrbox Work Pods

These Jabbrrboxes Work Pods are only available in Terminal B at LaGuardia airport, which serves Air Canada, Southwest, United and American Airlines.

The co-founder of CNN Travel Jeremy Jennings told, “The idea is an on-demand, reservable eco-system of private spaces. This is a great place to find privacy in technology.”

Available Facilities Are:

  • The booths include Wi-Fi, USB charging, adjustable lighting, flight trackers and audio speakers, and cost may apply.
  • The booths are most popular outside of already existing business lounges
  • LaGuardia’s Terminal B is currently the only airport location testing the booths.
  • Other test sites outside of airports include Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston and Washington, DC within the US
  • International test sites include London, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Sydney

The idea for space where you could access technology in a more isolated environment naturally seemed to lend itself to air travel.

The Mitch Nadler, which is director of commercial development, said that the booths have been touted as “a great enhancement to the travel experience. They’re very popular, we see it as we walk through the terminal, we see the usage, and we see people stopping in their tracks in amazement that there are this opportunity and option for them out by the gates,”

Brian Hackathorn on Jabbrrbox Work Pods

These pods help to provide the workplace for everyone with extra private and comfortable space.

The co-founder Brian Hackathorn said, “Lounges are a great place for certain amenities, but you still can’t find true privacy, a place to do focused work. So I think we’re a great extension. I think it is truly an adjacency where users can go and use a Jabbrrbox, and then go back into the lounge for their free cocktail and a place to sit.”

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