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Introduction to Emirates Airline’s Baggage Guidelines


Emirate is one of the best airlines to fly. The airline has been awarded several times for its wonderful services. But when you are traveling a long-haul distance then there are some rules that you need to follow. These are equally applicable to your baggage also. Every airline has its own baggage policy, so does the Emirates. It’s very important to read the guidelines before you start packing to avoid additional inconvenience. The baggage allowance for flight varies depending on your route, class, and purchase of the ticket.

Cabin Baggage Allowance by Emirates:

Depending on the service class in which you are flying the baggage allowance is different as explained below:

Economy Class: Passengers of economy class are allowed to carry one piece of carry-on baggage.

  • The baggage should not exceed its dimensions 22 x 15 x by 8 inches / 55 x 38 x 20 cm.
  • The weight limit for this baggage is a maximum of 7 kg

Check Your allowance for the upcoming trip

If you already have booked the ticket, you have to log in to Manage Your Booking. Here you can check the exact baggage allowance for your trip. You just have to enter your last name and booking reference then check your allowance under the ‘Passenger preferences’ tab. If required, you can then purchase additional baggage allowance too.

Purchase additional baggage allowance

Passengers can buy additional baggage online in most of the cases, at check-in desks in local currency, or pay through Emirates offices in advance as per the exchange rate on the day of purchase. For detailed information about additional baggage and rates, you need to visit Purchase additional baggage allowance .


Additional baggage charges for weight concept (USD per Kg)
From / To    and Middle East / South Asia Far East Europe Australia New Zealand
Middle East / South Asia $20 $30 $30 $30 $40
Far East $30 $40 $15 $40 $30
Europe $30 $40 $40 $15 $50
Australia and New Zealand $40 $50 $30 $50 $15

For the passengers who board in India have some exceptions: The size of the carry-on baggage may not exceed 115 cm or 45.3 inches of dimension (l + b + h).

First Class/ Business Class: Passengers of First class and Business class are allowed to bring two pieces of carry-on baggage. These may include one briefcase plus either one handbag or one garment bag.

  • Maximum dimensions for the briefcase must be 18 x 14 x 8 inches or 45 x 35 x 20 cm.
  • Maximum dimensions for handbag is 22 x 15 x 8 inches or 55 x 38 x 20 cm
  • Maximum dimensions for the garment baggage after folding is 8 inches or 20 cm.

Checked-In Baggage Allowance by Emirates:

Checked baggage allowance based on weight concept for each class is explained below:

Economy Class: Under the Economy class different categories of fare types have different weight allowance.

  • Special: 15 kg*
  • Saver: 25 kg
  • Flex: 30 kg
  • Flex Plus: 35 kg

Business Class: In a business class, all fare types have a single weight limit of 40kg.

First Class: Like business class, First Class Passengers is also allowed with the same weight limit for each fare type i.e 50 kg.

Checked Baggage Allowance with Piece Concept:

Flights within America, US, and Europe:

Economy Class:

  • For Special and Saver ticket type one piece of bag is allowed up to 23 kg.
  • For Flex and Flex Plus ticket type two pieces of bags up to 23 kg are allowed.

Business Class/ First Class:

  • For all types of ticket in Business and First Class maximum of 32 kg each of two bags are allowed.
  • The total dimensions i.e length + breadth + height of each piece must not exceed 150 cm / 59 inches.
  • The dimensions can maximum up to 300 cm if an individual has the dimension more than 300 cm then you have to pay additional charges.

Extra Baggage allowance if you are traveling with infants:

For all routes to/ from America:
  • You are allowed to carry one cabin bag with maximum dimensions of 22 x 15 x 8 inches (55x38x20 cm) and 5 kg.
  • One Checked-in baggage up to 10kg.

For all routes excluding destinations to/ from America:

  • You are allowed to carry one cabin bag with maximum dimensions of 22 x15 x 8 inches (55x38x20 cm) and 5 kg.
  • One piece of checked-in baggage up to 23kg with maximum dimensions of l + b+ h 115 cm.

Other than this you can also carry the following items but you have to ask the check-in staff either space is available or not.

  • Fully collapsible stroller/pushchair
  • Infant’s carrycot
  • Infant’s car seat

Carrying Sports Equipment: All sporting equipment, as well as golf equipment, bicycles, and ski equipment, are accepted by Emirates Airline. All you have to do is to call the airline before 24 hours of departure. These can be transported as checked baggage after packing it properly.

Each item must not exceed 300 cm otherwise it cannot be transported as checked baggage. If your overall baggage weight or the number of bags, including sports equipment exceeds the complimentary free baggage allowance then excess baggage charges will be applied to you.

Ammunition Items:

  • Sports weapons and firearms are must be packed properly inside a case or a properly sealed pack. Before transport, they must be approved by Emirates Airline.
  • The gross weight of ammunition by any single customer is 5 kg. If you are traveling in a group then you cannot put them in a single bag. You must put them in different baggage rather than putting them in a single one, which is not allowed. No single bag should contain more than 5 kg of ammunition item.


All the explosive items and fireworks can be carried as carry-on or checked-in baggage.

Surfing Boards:

You can also take surfing boards, kayaks, body boards as checked baggage if:

  • The sails are detachable and collapsible.
  • Packed in a hard shell packing case
  • Fins should be removable, or, if they cannot be removed, then pack them in polystyrene foam.
  • The sides of the board have cardboard down the sides to absorb shock.
  • The board is packed in a properly padded surf-bag.

Moreover, if you have more baggage then you should purchase the additional baggage  allowance which is provided by Emirates online with special discounts on it.

Allowance for Pets:

Emirates do not allow pets in the cabin but, there is the exception of falcons between Dubai and certain destinations in Pakistan.

Pets can be carried either as cargo or as checked baggage depending on their size and breed.

Depending on the weight and size of pet you will be charged for the animal and its cage.

Weight and size restrictions for animals traveling as checked baggage:

Animal & Cage Size Charges Applied
When animal plus cage do not exceed 23kg and 59 inches USD 500
When animal plus cage combined weigh between 24-32kg and dimensions between 59-118 inches. USD 650
When the animal and cage combined weigh over 32kg and dimensions between 59-118 inches. USD 800
When the cage dimension exceeds dimensions 118 inches Cargo

Delayed and Damaged Baggage:

  • In case if you can’t find your baggage at the airport terminal then stay calm and follow the steps mentioned below:
  • Reach the baggage services desk near to the baggage claim area at the airport.
  • Fill out a report and you will be provided with a unique reference number.
  • Provide the whole information while reporting about the delayed baggage like its colour, size and other identifying marks.
  • Use this reference number on online baggage tracker to trace your baggage.
  • The airline tries to return your baggage within three working days.
  • Once the airline found your baggage they will return you the bag within four hours. In some countries, you have to reach the airport to collect your bag.

List of dangerous goods and restricted items: There are restrictions on some items to be carried as cabin baggage to ensure the safety of customers.

Also, the items that may cause security/injury or safety threat are also restricted. These items may include, but are not limited to:

  • Real or toy weapons
  • Arms and ammunition
  • Explosives and fireworks
  • Knives, Razor blades and straight razor blades
  • Scissors and Nail files
  • Hypodermic needles and syringes
  • Laser pointers

Dangerous goods are classified as items that may have health and safety hazards to customers. The transport of these goods is regulated by Civil Aviation Regulations and is generally not allowed in either cabin baggage or checked baggage, with some exceptions.

  • What is my allowance for checked baggage?

Ans: Checked baggage allowance of the passenger depends on your route and fare type. You can find the exact details of your baggage allowance for your upcoming trip on Manage Your Booking. Besides that you can also check the baggage allowance printed on your ticket.

  • What is the weight and piece concept?

Ans: According to the international regulations, your free baggage allowances can either be set by the number of pieces of luggage or the total amount of weight you can travel with. These rules depend on where you’re travelling to and from. 

  • If my journey includes flights on other airlines, what will my baggage allowance be?

Ans: In case your travel do not include destinations in the United States: If your travel includes flights operated by airlines other than Emirates, on the same ticket as your Emirates flights, different baggage rules can  apply for these sectors. 

  • How will my baggage allowance be calculated?

Your baggage allowance will be calculated by piece or weight; it depends on your route. According to the international regulations, free baggage allowances can either be set by the number of pieces of luggage or the total amount of weight you can travel with. These rules depend on where you are traveling to and from.


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