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Exceptional Airline Services You Probably Don’t Know About


There are some facts about the airlines which people are not aware of. Airlines have made many changes and modifications in their services to make travelers feel more comfortable. They are trying hard to uplift the facilities provided to their passengers. It results in more demand of the airline that will help them to stay in the market at a great position.

Have a look at the following terms that we found about the airlines. Hope it helps you to have a better travel experience for your next USA to India flight.


1. Special Day Celebration:

If you are flying on a special day either it is a birthday, anniversary or another significant day then you can ask the airline about some special treat to your friend. Enquire them about the special treatment on any occasion. There are some airlines that offer nicest perks like cake, champagne and many more. Emirates and Cathay Pacific are one of those airlines that will definitely provide you something on the flight.

So, if you aren’t going to book flights to India only due to a special day then it is not a big deal now. You can make it special on the board too.


2. Enjoy a Layover:

Worried about the long layover in your trip? Many airlines will provide the travelers a free stopover and discounted stay at the hotel. Some of them are Etihad, Finnair, Icelandair, TAP Portugal. So, if you have booked a flight with stops then go with them.


3. Kid-Friendly Flights:

Traveling with kids is really so stressful. There are so much of responsibilities while flying with kids. Kids may feel uncomfortable in the journey or feel hungry that can irritate them, which is enough to create a noisy environment on-board. Some of the best airlines that can go extra miles for kids:

 1.  Air New Zealand  is the airline which allows you to ask a special food if you are sick and don’t want to compromise with your health. Also, it treats the kids’ special with the activities that keep them focused. The airline provides kid-friendly meal and lie-flat bed option i.e Economy Skycouch. The Skycouch can be easily converted into the lie-flat beds after pushing the button.

2. The second airline is the Etihad which has “Flying Nannies” that are dedicated crew members trained for in-flight childcare. They can accompany the families from the starting gate to the seat, puppetry, arts and crafts, and bottle-warming.

3. EVA Airways are the Hello Kitty themed flights featuring everything from Hello Kitty pillows and toiletries. In this way, the kids feel special and they stay happy in the whole journey.

4. With Asiana airline, kids feel so entertained due to its amazing entertainment options. Here they can find options of passing the time such as magic shows, face painting or a cooking baking class.


4. On-board Facility:


Airlines are trying to improve the condition, facility, and service provided to passengers. Leisure and luxury are the things which a traveler desires in the journey. You must take care of the required things while you book the USA to India flight because it is a long-haul journey.

You are totally safe and secure because of the hands-on knowledge of the crew members with the first aid, in-flight firefighting, defibrillation, emergency landing procedures, and security. Further, they must provide excellent customer services on-board to the passengers. If you feel anxious, tired or any doubt then you can ask the flight attendants they will definitely come with a solution for you.

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