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What Will Happen if You Miss a Connecting Flight?


In the event, you miss a connecting flight, what will happen to you?

When it comes to saving time and effort, taking to the skies as a means of communication may be the best option. However, before booking a flight to India from the USA or flight to India from Canada, make sure to familiarise yourself with the many flights to India options available. In addition to the well-known direct flight, there is another form of aircraft known as a “Connecting Flight,” which takes passengers from one point to the next.

As a follow-up question, what exactly is “connecting flight?” What tends to happen if you don’t get on both flights on time? As a traveler, we know you’d want to know all there is to know about making airline connections. In order to address any of your questions, MintFares is here. The repercussions of missing a transit flight, like other air travel-related difficulties, are based purely on the circumstances of the traveler who missed the journey.


What is the purpose of a connecting flight when one is involved?

Transit flights, as the name implies, enable passengers to travel to their final destination by taking more than one aircraft to get there.

One or even two flights may need to be changed in order to travel on an Air India trip, for example, if other airlines do not have connecting flights available to the desired destination.

Interline agreements enable airlines to handle customers who fly with International flights tickets, and aircraft connections are often part of these arrangements.

A connecting flight comprises the following, broken down for the average person:

  • Several flights are required to get to the final destination.
  • Afternoon or nighttime slack
  • Checking in twice for both flights is required.

Having said that, let’s find out what may have caused one of the two in-queue flights to be missed and what can be done to get it back.

Connecting Flights That You Can’t Make

First, let’s take a look at some of the most typical reasons why you may be able to get through your first trip but miss your subsequent one.

1.Delay or Cancellation of a Plane Trip

Failure to board an aircraft on time provides grounds for a full refund, even if the connecting flight was canceled or delayed until the very last minute of the original departure time.

Refunds are also available to those who are denied boarding by officials.

2.The current weather conditions

Passengers who miss a flight due to inclement weather are entitled to a refund or a free reschedule, depending on the airline’s policy. The airlines, on the other hand, are under no obligation to offer meals or lodging to their customers.

3.A brief stopover

Changing flights and going through the check-in process many times might take a long time. For this reason, a traveler must ensure that they have enough layover time to ensure a hassle-free voyage.

Consider, however, a scenario in which a flight itinerary is purchased as part of a single ticket to accommodate a very tight layover schedule. You’re entitled to a free replacement flight from the airline in question if this happens to you.

Missing a connecting flight is a common occurrence.

When it comes to boarding planes, we’re usually ready to go, but occasionally the timing just doesn’t work out. In such a case, you’ll have to make sure you don’t forget about it.

If you miss your connecting flight, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • If you’re flying from one airport to another, you’ll need to notify the airline so that they can keep your luggage secure until you arrive.
  • If you reach the airline in question, they could put you on standby for the next available trip. In this case, if you can’t find a cheaper flight, book the next lowest one for the same route.
  • As soon as you know whether you’ll be able to travel to your destination in time, notify your hotel! The only goal here is to prevent additional fees on the services you’ve already paid for and to alert you of any changes in advance.

Reimbursement for a Missed Connection

Is a traveler entitled to reimbursement if they incur additional expenses because they missed their flight? That’s a question that’s entirely up to the person. Learn more about the circumstances under which a passenger may be entitled to compensation by reading on.

What is the compensation for a missed flight?

A passenger who misses a connecting flight may be entitled to financial compensation in a number of different circumstances. The missed connection flight compensation is the name given to this legitimately sought and awarded reimbursement.

Passengers may be entitled to compensation for a missed connection, if:

Connecting flight is canceled

If the next connecting flight is canceled or delayed for more than three hours by the same airline, you will need to reschedule. As a result, the passenger may claim reimbursement for the following trip, as well as other facilities like lodging or food/beverage while they await their next flight.

Wet and Windy Conditions

Compensation for missed connecting flights may be claimed if a passenger is unable to board their connecting aircraft owing to personal reasons (in most cases). However, if you’ve chosen to board the next available aircraft, the airlines are not obligated to provide you with additional services during the waiting period.

Refused to Board

Even if a person arrived at the airport on time for check-in and had all the required documentation, they can be refused boarding despite their good intentions. So, they have a right to compensation, which may take the form of a full refund or boarding on their next trip.

You Must Qualify For A Connecting Flight Following EC 261

Under EC261, passengers may get monetary compensation if their flights are either operated by a European airline or a non-EU carrier, but should be set off from an EU airport.

Frequently Asked Questions:


When a flight is missed, what happens?

A passenger cannot seek compensation unless the flight was canceled and they were unable to make it on time. To avoid being labeled a “no show,” passengers who miss their flight must notify the appropriate authorities as soon as possible. The airlines may cancel the remainder of a traveler’s schedule if they fall into the “no show” category.

How much compensation does JetBlue provide for flight delays that result in missed connections?

JetBlue’s compensation policy is a cinch to understand: Passengers who missed a Jetblue flight because the airline was responsible might request a refund or a credit for a future journey. It’s worth noting, though, that JetBlue’s missing flight policy does not include reimbursement for personal reasons.

Is it possible to get compensation from American Airlines for missing my flight?

For any cancellations or delays, American Airlines will do its utmost to find you an alternate route that gets you to your final destination as soon as feasible. The luggage will be automatically rerouted by the airline’s crew when the rebooking confirmation is received.

Is there any compensation I'm entitled to if my flight from Air Canada is delayed due to bad weather?

Either a full refund or free rebooking is available if the airline cancels the flight for any reason, including severe weather.

Before you board a connecting aircraft, be sure you have all of the above information. Doubt still permeating your thoughts?