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LaGuardia Airport Is Going To Open A New Flyover Highway!


On Tuesday Governor Andrew Cuomo opened a new flyover highway that will make traveling from Manhattan a whole lot easier.

It is the first flyover highways and of 26 new bridges that will be built at LaGuardia Airport. 40 percent of the traffic coming from Manhattan will use this highway and this one could have the biggest impact. From exit seven on the Grand Central Parkway, it will go to terminals B, C and D.

“This flyover is going to make a dramatic improvement already on the traffic,” said Cuomo. “This road configuration, as soon as you got off of the Grand Central Parkway, made no sense. As we promised, you would see a difference and the difference is going to start today.”

“The new road network will have a vastly improved wayfinding signage and vastly improved lighting and vastly improved traffic flow,” said Port Authority Executive Director Rick Cotton.

“This is going to make it simple and alleviate traffic,” Cuomo added. “There will be more parking. There will be more informed parking that will tell you where there are spaces available. You will not have to do that seek and destroy mission of fighting for a parking spot.”

It will also be eliminating most of the traffic signals, going from 19 now to just three when the highway construction is completed.

Starting at 4:00 a.m. on Wednesday, the first fly over highway is scheduled to become operational.

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