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How Can I Book Cheap Flights To India?


Whether you are planning a domestic or international trip, the ticket price is going up day by day. Hence, it becomes a little difficult to manage the whole trip within the prescribed budget. By availing tickets at affordable rates, you can reduce half of your stress.

While traveling to a country like India, you will get a number of options regarding the booking websites as well as airlines. All you need is to do a little homework and you can easily avail the best ever deal. But, the question arises; HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

By going through the following points, you can easily manage to save bucks on the flights to India.

How To Find The Cheapest Place To Fly?

Budget traveling is only possible if you remain little flexible regarding the place or time. If you limit yourself to a specific destination, then you will never be able to book cheap flights to India. Make sure that you have multiple options for the destination to be explored.

For an instant, if you are traveling to India from any foreign country and not finding cheap flights to Delhi, then picking the flights to Mumbai or Ahmadabad or any other Indian city may let you save more. Though you will have to be a little uncomfortable and may have to take another flight or train or bus to reach the desired destination, this will definitely ensure you low-cost traveling.

When To Book – In Advance Or At Last-Minute?

Before your planned travel dates, do start checking out the flight tickets. Try to book the flights as soon as you get the cheap rates rather than waiting for the prices to drop down. If you start monitoring the flight rates few months before your visit, then you may get the most appropriate deals. On the other hand, last minute bookings can also let you avail profits but it is little risky and you remain in stress until you get the one, you want.

From Where To Book – Agents Or Directly From The Airlines

It is a difficult question to answer as chances are fifty-fifty when it comes to booking tickets from both the options. But most of the travelers believe that you may get USA to India flight deals at the airline’s website than at other online travel agencies. But it is also true that if you are good at communicating and persuading then you can save a lot from your bookings through an agent. So try to use both the options and pick the one that suits you the best for your other trips.

Why To Book On Weekdays?

Generally, you will find high fares on weekends i.e. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So booking your flight tickets on weekdays can let you save a lot. Several traveling agencies bring a lot of offers for cheap flights on weekdays in collaboration with the banks. This may definitely let you save more on every deal. Plus, if there is a festive offer, then you can enjoy even more discount offers.

Go Incognito & Search Airfares Secretly

It is advised to the passengers to book flight tickets in private modes. In short, use the ‘incognito’ mode in Google Chrome. With the use of the cookies, the flight booking websites increase the fares in proportion to the number of searches made on the browser. Due to these, you are forced to book expensive tickets on account of increasing prices. This is the reason why experts recommend using incognito mode while booking flight tickets

Pick Local Airlines Instead Of International

While traveling around the country, try to select the local airlines. This will prove cost-effective as compared to the international airlines. All you need to do is to search for the local airlines and the country that you plan to visit. For an instant, while traveling to India, you can pick the local airlines like SpiceJet, GoAir or Indigo rather than Air India or Jet Airways. This will let you save some money on every visit.

Love Long Layovers

Picking the long layovers for connecting flights can prove more beneficial. You can also avail the facility of free visa or visa on arrival from several countries. This also gives you the chance to explore a different country while waiting at the airport for your next flight.


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