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All you Need to Know about Canadian day and its Celebration


The historical event of Dominion Day is the National holiday in Canada and is celebrated on July 1st. On this day, Canadian days across the country and around the world show their pride in history, culture, and achievements with enthusiasm.

It’s the time when authors, poets, artists, and performers all come closer to celebrate the passed down heritage and commemorate the history. On July 1, 1867, the nation was officially born and since 1868, and people celebrate the day with rejoice.

Canadian  Day Celebration:

canadian days

  • To celebrate Canada Day you don’t need to be Canadian days. Canada Day is celebrated with the latest ideas and new approaches every year. Myriad parades are held in the cities, towns, villages, and all over Canadian days on 1st July.
  • Moreover, you can gain the foothold in carnivals, barbecues, air, and maritime shows, fireworks, and free musical concerts as per your choice.
  • Events are planned all over the country in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Victoria, and including the capital city Ottawa.

How it can be celebrated?

Canadian Outfit:



You can show your Canadian pride by wearing a shirt with a maple leaf or a Canadian flag. Some people use their creativity to show their attire. You will see that people are wearing red and white clothing.

Canadian Food:


The famous Canadian food you can make at home. If you can’t then look for a food truck or buy from the nearest restaurant to mesmerize some old moments. Many shops offer Canadian  Days theme menu which you can order and indulge in the celebration.

You can enjoy at various peak points such as:

  • Newfoundland at Signal Hill to enjoy the festivities from sunrise to evening. During Canada Day, long weekend events and festivals take place here. At the afternoon, visit King George V Park for spending quality time with family.
  • Toronto is well known for the Redpath Waterfront Festival. Reach the place to watch a Lumberjack show. Also, on the Canadian Days weekend from 29th June-1st July 2019 Toronto’s waterfront is the peak point for visitors where a fleet of majestic ships are welcomed.
  • At Canada Place, around Convention Centre and Jack Poole Plaza get delighted with the impressive fireworks displays. The whole environment is engaged with the great music and festivities from 11 am to 10 pm.
  • At Edmonton, you can chill out with the music, art, and dance across the city. The day is started here with the free pancake breakfast and ends up with the night market. The place is the key-point to river valley parks and other attractions with the bunch of family fun activities.’
  • Canadian Capital Ottawa celebrates the festival the entire weekend. The city is the host of various celebrations on Parliament Hill, Major’s Hill Park, and The Canadian Museum of History. Even the parks, streets and roads are rushed with live music and performing attractions.

Roam around Canadian days to be the part of cheering crowd, sprawling waterfront, live entertainment, family activities, live music, creative displays, and much more. Each year thousands of visitors come here to attend the free celebration.

The celebration is diverse which you can find favourable to kids, food freaks, music lovers, and innovation followers.

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