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Airlines To Begin Adding New Gender Option For ‘Non-Binary’ Flyers


U.S. airlines are on track to add a new gender option for “non-binary” passengers.

Airlines for America (A4A) in the USA and the global International Air Transport Association (IATA) have recently approved a new international best-practices standard that suggests accommodation for travelers using “non-binary IDs.”

The suggested standard will create an option for “unspecified” or “undisclosed” for passengers booking tickets. That option would be in addition to the options for “male” or “female.”

The suggested standard will become effective June 1. However, it will be up to individual airlines to make the option available to their booking platforms.

Delta, which is an IATA member but left A4A in 2015, confirmed that it will eventually offer the option.

United expected its update to be made “in the coming weeks.

Southwest, the USA’s biggest low-cost carrier; also said it planned to add such an option.

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