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A Guide to Banned and Restricted Items in Qatar Airways


Every flyer should know that some items are restricted by airlines and airports. Before you pack, you should take some time in getting familiar with the TSA procedures and common security rules. 

It is easy to book a cheap flight ticket but difficult to prepare for the journey. Before heading to the airport make sure you have properly packed your bags. It can create some security issues if you get wrong in packing special items in the wrong bag. It happens because there are certain rules and regulations for cabin and checked baggage. Always keep in mind that for a pleasant security check and boarding process you have to pack carefully.

Everyone wants to go through airport security without any delay and hassle. It is possible when you avoid taking banned or restricted items through the security checkpoint.

The situation varies depending on the airline you are flying with and the country you are going to enter.

Here is some of the key information about security and baggage restricted items by Qatar Airways: 

Items that may cause injury or do not comply with security or safety guidelines for carriage in your cabin must be placed in your checked-in baggage. The items with safety hazards should be avoided by the cabin baggage.

Items that you can bring because they are allowed to carry after some restrictions:

  • Sports equipment up to 5kg are allowed in checked baggage if properly packed.
  • Safety matches may be carried with the person.
  • Liquids, aerosols, and gels may be carried in hand baggage if not greater than 100ml.

Powder like Substances:

  • Items such as powder-like substances are allowed in cabin baggage if it is 12 Oz or 350 ml. Over 350ml the item is subject to screening and should be checked. For powder-like substances that are medically prescribed, baby formulas, and human remains are exempted from these restrictions.
  • Restrictions on powder-like substances apply to Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S.

Lithium Batteries:

  • Regardless of the type of battery maximum, 20 batteries per passenger are allowed on the plane.
  • Spare batteries aren’t allowed in checked baggage.
Wh (Watt-Hour) Configuration Hand Baggage Checked Baggage
≤ 100 Wh (2g) In equipment Max 15 are allowed Yes
≤ 100 Wh (2g) Spares Max 20 are allowed No
> 100 to ≤ 160 Wh In equipment Yes Yes
> 100 to ≤ 160 Wh Spares Max 2 are allowed No


Sport Equipment rules: Any sport equipment must not exceed the limit of 5 kg per person.

Item Carried as
Bicycle Allowed as checked baggage or cargo
Surfboard, windsurfing equipment and kayaks Checked baggage
Fishing equipment Cargo or checked baggage
Golf equipment Cargo or checked baggage


Musical Instruments:

Fragile musical instruments are allowed in cabin if you have purchased a ticket. Maximum weight and dimension is 75kg and 120 cm. Avoid exceeding the allowed limit otherwise you will end up paying heavy fine.

Banned Items in Hand Baggage:

Item Type Item Name
Guns, Firearms and their replica ·  Firearms like pistols, revolvers, rifles, and shotguns

·   Toy guns and their replica

·  Components of firearms

·  Compressed air and CO2 guns, pellet guns, rifles, and ball bearing guns

·  Signal flare pistols and starter pistols

·  Bows, cross bows and arrows

·  Harpoon guns, spear guns- slingshots and catapults


Stunning devices and  Disabling & incapacitating chemicals · Stun guns and stun batons

· Animal stunners and animal killers

·  Mace, pepper or capsicum spray, tear gas, acid sprays and animal repellent sprays

Sharp points or edges objects   ·  Items designed for chopping, such as axes, hatchets and cleavers

·  Ice axes and ice picks

·  Razor blades, box cutters

·  Knives with blades of more than 6 cm

·  Scissors with blades of more than 6 cm

·   Martial art equipment with sharp points or edges- Swords and sabres

Workers tools  · Drills and drill bits, including cordless portable power drills

· Tools with blades or shafts more than 6 cm that could be used as weapons, such as screwdrivers, chisel

· Saws, including cordless portable power saws
Blowtorches- Bolt guns and nail guns

Blunt Instruments objects ·  Baseball and softball bats

· Clubs and batons like billy clubs, blackjacks, and night sticks

·  Martial arts equipment

Explosives and incendiary substances devices Ammunition:

· Blasting caps

·  Detonators & fuses

·  Mines, grenades and other explosive military stores

· Pyrotechnics, including fireworks

·  Dynamite, gunpowder and plastic explosives


Items not permitted in Checked Baggage:

Item Type Item Name
Corrosives ·  Mercury

·  Acids

·  Alkalies

·  Wet cell batteries

·   Insecticides

·   Weed killers

·  Arsenic

·  Cyanides

·   Radioactive Material

Oxidising Materials & Organic Peroxides · Bleaches

·  Fiber glass repair kits

Compressed Gases · Butane

· Oxygen

· Propane

· Aqualung cylinders

Flammable Liquids and Solids · Fuels

· Paint

·  Matches

Explosives · Fireworks

·  Flares

·  Ammunition

· Crackers

·  Firearms


Next time you book your flight with Qatar Airways, read these instructions if you have any special item to carry. You have to take special permission from the Qatar Airlines to carry special item. This will help you in avoiding unnecessary hassles.


<1.>— Is it allowed to request a date change ticket on the same day?
No, on the same day date changes are not allowed.

<2.>— Can I get an option to choose seats on Qatar Airways?
Yes, on completion of ticket booking you can choose your seat.

<3.>— Up to when I can select the seat online?
A passenger can select the preferred seat after online check in, up to 90 minutes prior to flight’s departure time.


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