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‘8’ Ways To Make Middle Seat More Comfortable & The Best Seat On Plane!


You know what torture feels like if you are pinned in the middle seat airplane and especially in between a senior citizen sitting on the aisle and a crying child in the window seat. What can you do if one of those tortured passengers is you? Here are some tips to make middle seat best seat on plane while booking flights tickets with Mintfares it to your destination with your sanity, comfort and fully intact.

  • Take a Tray-Table Nap

The tray table does not have much to do during a typical flight aside from holding a drink or a meal. You can make use of it by taking an in-flight nap. But, there is no need to buy an Ostrich Pillow. So, roll your jacket into a makeshift pillow, fold forward at the waistline, and snooze away.

  • Sleep Upright

You can also sleep upright if a tray-table nap is not suite you – even in the middle seat. For that, you have to buy a perfect travel pillow for your body, whether it is a standard neck pillow, a shoulder-wrapping Travel rest Pillow, or even a jacket that converts into a pillow. Consider blow-up travel pillows for their space-saving qualities.

  • Buy Noise-Cancelling Headphones

But a pair of good headphones to survive in the middle seats for just a few hours. At this time, these are considered the best friend of the passenger. You can also watch a movie or listen to music that can take your mind off.

  • Claim For Armrest Seats

Even if you are seat between fellow passengers or your personal space is too limited. So, the board on the plane quickly to make your seat before your seatmates gets it, and then marks the armrests as your own. Does not need to hesitate and claim for another seat as early as you board on the plane!

  • Make the Most of Your Knee Space

You can claim for extra legroom space if you want to do so for your knees. Every little inch counts in such close quarters. To keep the passenger in front of you from leaning his or her seat backward, consider to use the Knee Defender. Alternatively, ask politely to your neighbour to refrain from leaning back if it really bothers you.

  • Bring An In-Flight Survival Kit

If you are on the middle seat, then keep the following items handy for in-flight sanity or make up your own in-flight packing list like an eye mask, a tablet, handheld game console, headphones, laptop, non-electronic reading material or a puzzle book, a sweater or jacket, and snacks.

  • Ask To Be Re-seated

Just because you were assigned a middle seat does not necessarily mean you have to be stuck with it. You can inquire with the gate staff about any remaining, available window or aisle seats. If it is available, then they may offer you a seat in a more preferable location. If you missed your opportunity at the gate, then you have yet another shot at a better seat location by asking the flight attendant.

Once everyone is boarded and the plane is cruising at a high altitude, politely ask the flight attendant if a window or aisle seat is open. There may move you to the rear of the plane if any empty seat is available.

  • Book Early

Book early and, if you can, select your seat during the booking process. For airlines that do not allow advanced seat selection like southwest, check in for your flight as soon as you can. Because Southwest assigns boarding groups based on when you check in for the flight, the earlier you check in, the more likely you are to score your favourite seat.

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