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‘15’ Easiest Ways To Get Cheap Flights To India!


Savings while booking your flights is not an easy task today. Stuff like extra fees, penalties, additional charges, taxes and other stuff make it impossible to manage your trip in the required budget. Travelers generally think that by availing the special offers, they can easily save a lot of bucks on their trip. But things get worse when they came to know that some extra charges are there attached to the deal.

Here we are discussing the 15 most easy and simple tricks to avail cheap flights to India. This will allow you to avail better deals and savings:

  1. Early morning or late night flights are quite cheaper as compared to the daytime.
  2. By booking a low-cost carrier, you can get better opportunities to save more.
  3. Try not to stick to a single airline or airport. Use the alternate options also.
  4. In case, you are doing a group booking, try to purchase separate tickets.
  5. Never do bookings through your smartphone. Airlines usually have additional fees attached to such stuff.
  6. Sign up for alerts and notifications of the specific airline in which you want to travel. This will let you know the current deals on different routes.
  7. Another super easy method is to follow your favorite airline on social media. In this way, you can remain aware of the special offers coming your way.
  8. Don’t forget to clear your cookies. Delete your recent searches to grab better-discounted.
  9. Try to book directly from the airlines’ website as these host private sales for those who visit their site directly.
  10. If you do the hotel bookings along with the air flight booking, you can witness better deals and more savings.
  11. Sticking to a better search tool can make a lot of difference in the overall budget of your trip.
  12. Bookings of flights done on Tuesday let you save more as compared to other days, especially the weekends.
  13. Through the rewards site, avail the free airline miles.
  14. Use your credit or debit cards, you can avail better deals and best discounts.
  15. By using the coupon codes too, you can save a lot on your next trip.