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JetBlue Will Operate Flights From 3 New Gates At Orlando International Airport!


Orlando International Airport has given the approval to JetBlue Airways to operate domestic and international flights from three additional gates. It will start its services from the new Terminal C when it opens. This approval will increase the number of flights that JetBlue operates from Orlando International to around 100 daily.

Currently, Orlando International Airport is undergoing an expansion and has just announced that they are going to expand even further before the initial expansion is complete. Now, three extra gates will now be added to Terminal C before it is even completed. This addition is deemed necessary for the number of travelers that come through this airport yearly.

Orlando International Airport is the 13th busiest airport in the United States in 2017. Last year, 45 million passengers get through this airport and anticipate an even higher number this year. The Orlando area registered over 72 million visitors last year from all transportation sources.

During the first phase of opening, Orlando International Airport has revealed that there will be 12 additional airlines operating from Terminal C in addition to Jetblue. That number will increase when the second phase of Terminal C expansion is completed. The secondary expansion of the new terminal will not be completed for at least five years.

Federal Aviation Administration allows the airport to place a service charge on passengers departing from the airport to cover the cost of the expansion. But, the airport has not stated what it will do to cover these expenses if they are denied.

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