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JetBlue And JetSuiteX Announced The Codeshare Partnership!


On April 23, 2018, JetBlue and JetSuiteX has announced its codeshare agreement partnership. The JetSuiteX operated flights available on with a new codeshare agreement.

From May 1, 2018, JetBlue will place its “B6″ airline code on JetSuiteX Air-operated flights between West Coast destinations. It is offering new point-to-point routes for JetBlue customers. This marks the first codeshare between a semi-private public charter operator (JetSuiteX) and a major national carrier.

The flights will operate between:

  • Burbank, Calif. (BUR)
  • Concord, Calif. (CCR)
  • Oakland, Calif. (OAK)
  • Las Vegas (LAS)

Those customers who are purchasing these itineraries will get the benefits of JetSuiteX’s semi-private flying experience.

JetSuiteX Features Includes:

  • Two free checked bags (combined up to 50 lbs.)
  • 36” of leg room
  • Power at every seat
  • Complimentary cocktail and snack.

As compared to other airlines, the JetSuiteX customers will arrive just 15-20 minutes before departure and board in just minutes, with no cattle calls or baggage claims. The corporate customers can book JetSuiteX flights directly at JetBlue website.

The CEO of JetSuiteX Alex Wilcox said, “We are delighted to introduce even more people to the JetSuiteX experience and to provide new options to JetBlue customers in their West Coast travels in an exciting new way through this partnership with JetBlue. This first-of-its-kind agreement marks an important milestone as we enhance the distribution and availability of JetSuiteX into traditional airline channels. We are proud to be partnered with the iconic JetBlue Airways.”

The director airline partnerships, JetBlue, Tracy Bink said, “JetBlue and JetSuiteX share a common vision focused on innovation and offering travelers an unmatched level of service when they fly, which is why our partnership is such a perfect match. Together JetBlue and JetSuiteX are leading the industry in creating a flying experience unlike anything else on the west coast.”

JetBlue serves 9 airports in California and flies more nonstop routes from the Golden State to New York and Boston. The airline has recently expanded service in markets across Southern California and in the Bay Area.

JetBlue has also expanded its services to new markets beyond Los Angeles and San Francisco by adding Mint in San Diego, Las Vegas, Seattle and Palm Springs in just the last year.

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