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World’s Longest Commercial Flight Returns to Its Service!


Have you Got 18 hours and 45 minutes to board the longest commercial flight?

Well, that’s the length of a new commercial flight between the Singapore to the Liberty International Airport in Newark. Beginning on Oct. 11, this service will be the longest commercial flight in the world according to the Singapore Airlines. Starting from Oct. 18, the flights will be operating daily.

In Contrast to that the shortest regularly scheduled commercial flight is a minute and a half between Westray to Papa Westray, which are two islands north of the Scottish mainland, by Loganair.

Singapore Airlines will be the first airline to use Airbus’s A350-900 U.L.R. which is for ultra long range planes, having extra fuel capacity, made of a carbon fiber which is even lighter than the aluminum of traditional jets and consumes less fuel because as compared with the four on many other long-haul jets, they have only two engines.

The flights will be having 161 seats out of which 67 will be in lie-flat business class and 94 in premium economy, using seats that are bigger and have more legroom than traditional coach seats but do not have the ability to become a bed.

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