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TSA Rules and Regulations to Avoid Hassles at Security Checkpoint


For the air journey from USA to India and vice versa, there are some rules and regulations that you must follow. Otherwise, it is going to be a mess if you don’t abide by those rules.

As a traveler, one must be aware of these regulations built for U.S. airport security. Booking a cheap flight ticket is not enough for a perfect journey.

Being alert about TSA baggage allowance , prohibited items, airport location, and packing hacks is necessary. You must be confused about what you can and can’t bring as per security rules.

So, Here we are with the main list of the rules by TSA that will definitely clear your doubts:

Liquids, Gels, & Aerosols in carry-on: Passengers should have a quart-sized bag for liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes. Liquid and creamy type items are limited and must be kept the maximum of 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item. You must stick to 3-1-1 liquids rule to pass through the security check.

But, if you are traveling with an infant or a patient who has been prescribed medicine are allowed to bring baby food and medicines more than 3.4 oz in reasonable quantity.

Be Careful with Prohibited and Restricted Items:

  • Elements which can cause a bad effect on health, public safety, children, and animal life are prohibited/restricted by the airlines.
  • Restricted items include Dangerous toys, fireworks, knife, and illegal substances.
  • Prohibited items include Alcoholic beverage, liquids, food products, and drugs.

ID at the security checkpoint is necessary?

Adults need to show their ID proof at the security checkpoint. Some of the cards which are valid at the airport for your identification are Driver’s licenses, Passport, DHS trusted traveler cards, Defense ID, Permanent resident card, Border crossing card, federally recognized, tribal-issued photo ID, Foreign government-issued passport, Canadian provincial driver’s license or Indian and Northern Affairs Canada card.

But, if you have lost the ID card then you are also allowed to fly. But, you have to provide the details regarding your identity such as name, address and other related information. If your identity is proven then you are allowed to fly.

TSA is planning to eliminate the security screening process  at small airports without affecting security issues.

Toiletries and Makeup items can be carried?

  • Items included in toiletries and make up are allowed but you have to abide by some rules. Try to pack limited toiletries in a compact way for travel ease.
  • For make-up items that are liquid, gaseous, or paste type such as mascara, liquid eyeliner, nail polish, perfume, hairspray, and foundation must follow 3.4 oz rule.
  • Even the deodorants are restricted by the airlines unless it is purely solid.

Wanna take Alcoholic beverages?

Yes, alcoholic beverages are allowed to carry in your baggage. For carry-on baggage maximum, 3.4 oz or 100 ml is allowed. Put the bottles in a quart-sized bag if possible. Also, you are not allowed to drink your own liquor onboard.

For more than this, you can place it in your checked-in baggage where 70% or 5 ml per person is allowed to bring. We can simply say liquor over 140 proofs is strictly prohibited in carry on as well as checked in baggage. But, make sure bottles must be sealed.

Special Instruction if are traveling with children:

  • One can bring a baby carrier, baby food, balloons, wipes as checked and carry-on both.
  • The baby powder can be carried and if it is 12 oz. / 350 mL then pack it in a separate packet.
  • Make sure your carry-on baggage must fit in your overhead cabin and underneath the seat.

Rules Regarding sharp objects:         

Depending on the types of sharp objects you can pack them in carry-on or checked in baggage. Check the following table for further details:

Item type Carry-on allowance Checked-in allowance

Box Cutters

No Yes

Cigar Cutters

Yes (special instructions) Yes

Corkscrews (with blade)

No Yes

Crochet Hooks

Yes Yes


No Yes

Disposable Razor

Yes Yes

Ice Axes/Ice Picks

No Yes


No Yes


Yes Yes

Knitting Needles

No Yes

Sharp object should be properly packed or securely wrapped to avoid injury.

So, get ready for your next flight to go through screening without inconvenience.

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