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Travel Tips: Flight Tips For Your Next Journey


Anyone can book a trip nowadays. It’s so easy, right? But not everyone can plan a trip. I hope you understand the difference. Hence plan an ultimate adventure that is affordable also. An unplanned journey always harms your pocket especially when you are travelling by air. Air journeys cost a lot already so it’s better to a little study before you book your flights. Our aim is only to make you aware of some facts that can make your journey pocket-friendly. Because you don’t make a proper plan then you might have to book last minute flights which are quite expensive.

Look for Best Fares

During planning a long journey focus mainly on the airfares because they are going to blow the maximum part of your budget. Try to book on reliable and famous travel booking websites for better prices. Besides that, there are several other things that you must take care of while flying.

First of all, try to book a few months before your departure date. It will cost your journey less. Last-minute flights usually come at lower prices.

After that avoid booking flights during the holiday season it is also costly because of high demand.

If you want more rebates in flight ticket prices try to fly in odd hours or during the night.

Compare the flight ticket prices on different websites.

Don’t forget to search in the private window.

Use a Digital Luggage Scale

How will you feel when you will have to pay extra for your carry bag or to leave some of your stuff behind after not meeting the carry bag allowance? Very much frustrating for sure! To avoid this situation you must use a digital luggage scale before packing a bag for your flight. Measure the size and check the weight of the luggage for own convenience. After checking the scale you will get to know whether you are going beyond the allowances or not?

Consider Alternate Airports

Do you know that your choice of airports also affects airfares? Yes, this is true. Some major cities have more than one airport; you should always choose the least busy airport. It will save a lot of money of yours. The same applies to the landing airport options. Let us take an example. Lets us say you are booking flights from the USA to India. Probably you will book the flights from the USA to Delhi airport but have you ever thought about the USA to Goa? Never? Well, you will think now because there is a huge difference in the prices of the USA to Delhi and from USA to Goa. The reason behind this is Goa airport is not as busy as Delhi. Don’t bother you can fly from Goa to Delhi on a domestic flight which will cost you way too less.

Sit Above the Wing

Are you bothering about the airplane’s turbulence? Don’t be. Sit over the wing of an airplane. Here you will feel less turbulence. This is near the center of gravity of the plane. You will not feel as much turbulence over here. The window view will not be as good here but you will get rid of turbulence for sure.

Exercise in Your Seat

Body movement is very important while you are flying in a plane especially during a long-haul journey. Do some light exercise or stretching. It will save your body from stiffness, cramps and blood clots. You can simply rotate your neck from left to right or from right to left.

Buy a World Outlet Adapter

Charging laptops and mobiles are the most important thing while flying. Buy a world outlet adapter it allows you to stay connected.

Join an Airline Loyalty Program

To get more discount join airline loyalty programs. If you fly frequently from the same airline then you will get a huge discount on flight tickets. Sometimes you also get upgrades. These plans are worth buying if you travel often.

Make a good Food Choice

Always buy some light snacks or food while travelling in the air. Your digestion doesn’t work properly if you eat heavy food. Avoid oily and spicy food for a better travel experience. If you will make a heavy choice in your food you will regret it. You will not feel good throughout the journey. You will feel dizzy and upset because of the bad choice of your food. Also, avoid drinking alcohol n the flight.

Embrace Tuesday Travel

Travelling near holidays is quite expensive, Monday travel is also expensive and weekend flights are also not good for your pocket. Then what should you do? Embrace Tuesday travel. There are chances of buying cheap tickets on Tuesday are more. If you are planning to book return tickets then also choose the same day to come back.

These are some travel hacks that will help you to plan a great trip. Have a great travel!

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