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All You Need To Know About Carrying Alcohol In A Flight


Tasted some special wine at a new place and wanna take it home? Many questions arise because airlines have restricted alcohol transportation. Lots of misconceptions and confusions buzz around the mind. You should clear the doubts by going through rules and regulations for taking wine and alcohol as baggage onto a plane.

Here we come with the TSA regulations for alcohol:

Regulations for carry-on baggage:

  • Wine and hard alcohol in your carry-on or cabin baggage is allowed only if the quantity is not larger than 100 ml (3.4 oz.).
  • This is because generally liquids are not allowed to place in your carry-on. So, an exception to the carry-on rule is made for wine and other spirits purchased in duty-free stores beyond security checkpoints.
  • Passengers traveling internationally into the United States, Canada, and Europe with a connecting flight are allowed to carry liquids even in excess of 100 ml (3.4 ounces) in their carry-on baggage. It is permitted only if they were purchased in duty-free shops and placed in secure, tamper-evident bags (STEBs).

Alcohol restrictions for checked baggage:

Alcoholic beverage with less than 24% of alcohol is allowed. If the amount of alcohol lies in between 24% and 70% then 5L per person is allowed to carry internationally and 10L within the EU. Alcoholic beverages that include more than 70% of alcohol are prohibited.

Is any type of alcohol allowed on the plane?

Any type of unopened booze maximum of 140 proof is allowed on board. Anything over 140 proof is prohibited as described by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Alcohol brought from the duty-free shop is allowed or not?

Passenger is allowed to purchase alcohol in a duty-free shop and bring in a carry-on. But, it cannot travel the entire way home if you have a connecting flight. This is because you need to pass through a TSA checkpoint to move for next leg. It means your bags are once again the subject to carry-on restrictions. So, if you have liquid over the 3.4-ounce limit you need to shift it into your checked baggage.

Another thing you can do is to buy drinks at the last airport so that you do not have to leave the alcohol at the security check-in.

Are you allowed to drink on the plane?

No, it is against federal regulation. Passengers are not allowed to open their own bottle of alcohol on a flight and even drink that alcohol which was not served by the flight attendant.

How to pack alcohol?

  1. Whether you’re bringing an expensive bottle of wine, exotic spirits or local beer, proper packing can ensure your alcohol makes it home in one piece.
  2. Put the bottles that are sealed after then place them in a plastic bag. This will help in the safety of your other items in the bag if your bottle is broken. The liquid will be spilled inside the plastic bag. Wrap this plastic win between clothes as a cushion that will help the bottle from damage.
  3. During bumps, if the bottle is packed in between the clothes it will be prevented from breaking. Place the bottle in the center of your bag for extra protection.

So, get ready for your next flight and feel free to taste new wines and bring it home. Book a direct flight to avoid the hassles of connecting flight check-in issue.

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