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Top 6 Incredible Wonders of India to Explore


India has the most amazing natural wonders that will inspire you to travel here. Move to India and get around the surreal natural creations that will leave you surprised. You can explore these natural even in the low budget. You can book the cheap flight tickets from Mintfares by getting the best offers on airfares. Here is the list of spectacular wonders that will take your breath away:

Living Root Bridge, Meghalaya:


Living Root Bridge lies in the dense tropical forest of Meghalaya. It is a man-made wonder made of the ancient rubber tree. The wooden bridges were decayed due to lengthy monsoon season so their alternative was built. These roots are around 100 years old and they nearly take about 15 years to become strong enough to carry the weight of person crossing the bridge. With the time the roots become thick and solid.


Flower Valley, Uttarakhand:


The Valley of the flower is located in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. It has a collection of around 500 species of alpine blossoms. It is also declared as World Heritage Site. It has a variety of blossoms including medicinal herbs that’s why it is very famous here. Moreover, the place has many picturesque scenes, waterfall and streams to enjoy the day.


Krishna’s Butter Ball, Mahabalipuram:


Krishna’s Butter Ball is located in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu. It is a huge rock 6 meter in height, 5 meter wide and weights over 250 tons. It is believed that the gigantic granite butterball is situated at the same place over 1200 years. The mystical belief behind this rock is that it is a piece of butter dropped by God. Once an attempt was made to move it from its place; seven elephants were used but in vain.


Floating Lake, Manipur:


It is the largest natural freshwater floating lake situated in Manipur. On the southern part of the lake, there is KeibulLamjao National Park Over the lake, there is floating soil, organic matter, phumdis, and vegetation. The lake is a source of water to people living nearby it.


Hide and Seek Beach, Odisha:


Hide and Seek beach lie in the Soul of India, Odisha. It is located inĀ Chandipur so also called Chandipur beach. This beach is very interesting as it has a great view which attracts tourists. You can analyze the low and high tides of the beach. You will see the beach disappearing immediately and then coming back in a while. During low tide, you can see the pearls and seashells.


Magnetic Hill, Ladakh:


This spot is located near Leh on Leh-Kargil Highway. It is just a small stretch of road. At the spot, put the vehicle on neural gear and you will see that the vehicle will move forward with the speed around 20kmph. The road ahead will be going uphill and it seems amazing to see the car moving on it.

So what are you waiting for? Excited to visit these places then pick the backpacks and find the cheap flight tickets to India. Reach these amazing places of India and see the natural wonders.

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