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To Shorten Wait Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Is Offering Biometric Scanners!


Biometric technology is being integrated at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport that will ease the wait time for travelers willing to pay a fee.

Kiosks with fingerprint and iris scanners on Wednesday inside Terminal 4 are introduced by Biometric screening company Clear.

At some point at the other terminals, the privately-run scanners will be made available.

Passengers will move through a separate line where their identities who have taken the membership would be verified according to Clear officials, with the punch of a finger or blink of an eye.

But the passengers would still have to go through metal detectors and bag checks.

Annual membership might cost below $200. An additional family member can be added for with an additional charge. Free enrollment is there for the Children under the age of 18.

Clear is now operating in Sky Harbor which is the 25th airport nationwide for the firm.

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