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From Free Entertainment Services To Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy- Everything You Need To Know!


Alaska Airlines is an American airline situated in the Seattle, Washington. The company was founded in 1932 as McGee Airways, offering flights from Anchorage, Alaska. It is the 5th largest airline in the United States. Alaska Airlines is the main airline along with Horizon Air, which is part of the Alaska Air Group. The airline has been ranked by J. D. Power as highest customer satisfaction.

The airline’s main and largest hub is at Seattle–Tacoma International Airport and secondary connections are in Los Angeles, Anchorage, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose. Alaska Airlines operates its services across the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico and 100 other destinations.

With 16 airlines including member airlines of oneworld, SkyTeam, Star Alliance, and unaffiliated airlines like Emirates and Icelandair, it has codeshare agreements. Through its frequent-flyer program, Mileage Plan, the airline is a mileage partner with all of its codeshare affiliates.

Alaska Airlines Baggage Allowance

The baggage policy includes the following:

  • Carry-on baggage: 1 personal item & 1 carry-on item without any charges
  • Checked baggage / Hold luggage
  • Overweight and Oversize bags
  • Sports equipment – only certain items have applicable fees

But make sure your carry-on baggage must be fit into the overhead bin or under your seat.

Following consider the detail on Alaska airlines baggage policy

Alaska Airlines Carry-on Baggage:

Alaska Airlines allows 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item (purse, briefcase, laptop bag) per passenger free.

There are certain items that are not counted as carry-on like the jacket, diaper bag, umbrella, duty-free items, and assistive devices. The following is the size and weight of carry-on:

No. of Bags Max. Size Max. weight
1 Carry-on 45 linear inches (22x14x9in) or 115 centimeters (61x43x25 cm)


Checked Baggage:

The passengers can check their bags within 4 hours of the scheduled departure (3 hours in Vancouver and 2 hours in Calgary) and up to the check-in cut-off time.

No. of Bags Max. Size Max. weight
2 Standard Bags 62 inches or 157 centimeters 50 pounds or 23 kilograms


Overweight Baggage:

If the weight of the bag is more than 23 kilograms but less than 46kg, then Alaska Airlines will charge an extra fee. Those bags have weight more than 46 kilograms will not be accepted as checked baggage / hold luggage.

Oversized Baggage:

If the size of the bags is more than 63 to 115 linear inches or from 160 to 292 centimeters, then Alaska Airlines will charge extra for bags.

Those bags have a size greater than 115 linear inches or 292 centimetres will not be accepted as checked baggage / hold luggage.

Musical Instruments:

Musical Instruments can either be carried in the carry-on luggage or in the check-in baggage. Small musical instruments which can be placed safely in the storage space on-board are allowed to be carried as hand baggage. However, this must adhere to the standard dimensions of the carry-on luggage.

If large instruments are to be carried as carry-on baggage, then the passenger shall purchase a seat for the same. The cabin-seat baggage can be taken in addition to the regular carry-on luggage and a personal item. Advance notice of the requirement of cabin baggage shall be given to the airline.

Sports Equipment:

Sporting equipment is only accepted as checked baggage, but must be properly packed in a soft- or hard-sided case designed. There are such items that contain standard checked

baggage fees, overweight fee, and oversize fees like Archery and bowling equipment, bicycles, boogie boards, skateboards, and kayaks. For skis, snowboards, golf, hockey, lacrosse, fishing, and scuba equipment, the oversize fee is waived.

In-Flight Entertainment

The airline provides the great entertainment services by connecting with in-flight Wi-Fi. These facilities are available on most flights.

It also offers the other services, so that you can enjoy fresh food, delightful beverages and complementary ways to stay entertained.

In-flight Wi-Fi Internet:

Better in-flight Wi-Fi is on its way. The airline launched a new satellite-based Wi-Fi service from Gogo, which streams you, and you can browse, and chat with anyone from gate departure to gate arrival.

  • Connect at speeds fast enough to binge-watch your favourite TV series on a streaming service like Netflix™ or Amazon Prime™, or upload work files to the cloud.
  • Keep up with e-mail, post on social media, or shop online with in-flight internet provided by Gogo.

Satellite Wi-Fi:

As Alaska airline gradually install satellite Wi-Fi on our Boeing and Airbus aircraft between now and the end of 2020.

ViaSat Wi-Fi:

Until new satellite Wi-Fi is installed, some A320 and A321 aircraft will continue to use the Via Sat Wi-Fi service that was offered by Virgin America. If you are flying on a Via Sat-equipped aircraft, then connect with

“virgin America” Wi-Fi network on your personal device. After connection, you can stream TV, movies, music, and more. Plus, you can enjoy free Chat through which you can stay connected with your friends and family from your flight.

Free Texting:

Enjoy free in-flight texting on Alaska Airlines flights. As you fly through the clouds, all you need to stay connected to those on the ground is a Smartphone. Just connect via In-flight Internet and pick up your conversation where you left off and get around the country.

Free Movies & TV Shows:

The airline offers two options for in-flight entertainment:

  • Alaska beyond entertainment, which is a streaming system, allows you to watch over 200 free movies & TV shows on your own device.
  • On longer flights, our premium in-flight entertainment tablets are available for rent and loaded with movies, TV shows and more.

In-flight Tablet:

You can rent in-flight entertainment tablet. As premium entertainment option, they’re always free in First Class and available for rent in the Main Cabin.

Each tablet is already updated with the movies so you can watch them on-board. TV shows, music, games, and digital magazines are also available.

  • Tune out with the custom music playlists. The airline also features two albums from Sub Pop and The Shins.
  • Catch up on some reading with digital magazines like National Geographic, Us Weekly, and Wired, among others.
  • Rack up points playing one of your favourite games. The tablets offer Microsoft’s classic Solitaire, as well as Microsoft Sudoku, Minesweeper, Mahjong, Jigsaw and Treasure Hunt.

In-flight Food & Drinks:

Browse the selection of in-flight meals, snacks, and drinks. They offer the highlighted fresh and local West Coast fare and are always on the lookout for new culinary discoveries to share with you.

Other Services

For Infants:

Those children, who are up to 2 years old or 24 months, are not required to have their own seat.

  • Inform the airline that you are traveling with an infant on your lap.
  • Those passengers who are at least 16 years of age, they can carry one child on their lap.
  • Only one lap child can travel with one adult.
  • A ticket has to be purchased for each additional infant if more than one infant is traveling with one adult.
  • If you have proper restraint device, then you can choose to purchase a seat for your infant.
  • Lap children are not allowed to sit in an Exit Row; they must have at least 15 years of age to sit in Exit Row.

For Unaccompanied Minors:

The children who are traveling without a parent or legal guardian come under the as unaccompanied minors. Most airlines assist these children from their point of departure to their final destination.

  • The service is mandatory for children age 5-12 traveling without an adult who is at least 16 years old.
  • 13-17 years of children are not required to travel as unaccompanied minors, but the service is optional for this age group as well.
  • Children under 5 years of age have to travel with an adult.
  • On non-stop flights departing between 5AM-9PM, Unaccompanied Minors ages of 5-7 are only allowed.
  • Those unaccompanied Minors are of the age of 8-17 are not allowed on flights departing between 5AM-9PM.
  • An Unaccompanied Minor cannot be booked on the last flight of the day.

For Pets:

Alaska airlines pet policies  are:

  • Under the seat for the entire flight, pet comfortably remains in its kennel.
  • Only domesticated dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and fish are allowed.
  • The minimum age of Dogs and cats are at least 8 weeks old.
  • The kennel is specifically made for animal carriage.
  • You must have all necessary health documents of your pet
  • Pet can comfortably remain in its kennel for the entire flight.

Kennel Requirements:

Kennel meets all requirements and the combined weight of the animal and kennel does not exceed 149 lb. The following requirements of the kennel are:

  • Escape-proof, Leak-proof, close securely and properly ventilated, but not allows any part of the animal from protruding outside of the container.
  • Provide enough room for the animal to stand and turn around.
  • Contain some type of absorbing bedding.
  • Have functional handles on the exterior.
  • Have labels with the words “Live Animal” in letters at least 1-inch tall.

Alaska Airline Review

By Paul Spencer

Seattle to San Diego! Alaska Airlines is the best. I don’t think there is another domestic airline that gives first-class passengers access to their lounge, the downer is there is not a lounge at San Diego but that’s not the airline’s fault. Service on board is great with decent food and usually great wines.

The lounge in Seattle is always very busy but it is always possible to find a seat and get a pre-flight beverage, food, however, is not that great in the lounge compared with the Amex Centurion lounge but they feed you well on the flight! Mileage Plan membership is also great – they give 175% mileage to First Class and the miles can be used on many great airlines internationally. Streaming video service has good movies. Keep it up to Alaska.

By B Caetano

Tucson to Seattle! Everything was great. Boarding a little chaotic, but Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy agents were trying to explain the new carry on bag policy coming up. Flight attendants friendly and just set a pleasant mood. We left early but because of air traffic delays at Sea-Tac, we were a little late.

Some people want to complain, but the airlines have no control over these delays. Some people just want to complain about everything, but on Alaska Airlines website, everything is pretty much spelled out. Some People just don’t want to take the time to read it, and when they are told no you can’t do that or carry on it on, they want to blame it on everyone but themselves.

By Welton Lawrence

Omaha to San Diego! Shout-out to Alaska Airlines. Allowed me and Kam to board first (due to my being a military person), upgraded our seats for free; and even received a round of applause. Moments like this really make the early mornings, late nights/deployments and time away from family really worth it.