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Leh & Ladakh Tourism: Top ‘6’ Places To Visit In Ladakh!


There is a number of places in India and Leh & Ladakh tourism is one of them. From around the world, the mountainous landscapes, shiny blue lakes, and scenic road journeys entice the travelers. Its beauty aside alluring the travelers because there are plenty of attractions from beautiful monasteries and elegant palaces to quaint villages and High Mountain passes.

Best Time To Visit:

The best time to get around in Ladakh is June, July, August & September.

How To Reach:

There are a number of flights to Leh-Ladakh every day during most days of the week. You can reach Ladakh Leh by air at the Ladakh Leh Airport also known as Kushok Bakula Rimpochhe Airport. From the airport, you can take a cab or a bus to get around the city. So, book the Ladakh Leh flight of your choice beforehand and make sure that you are kept up to date with the schedule of flights.

Do you want to know which of these amazing places should be on your bucket list? Then check out the following list of the best places to visit in Ladakh OR Ladakh travel guide.

  1. Leh Palace

Location: Namgyal Hill, Leh, Jammu, and Kashmir.

How To Reach: You can book your tickets at a low price to visit around this place. Leh Palace is a short walk uphill from the Leh Market. Or, you can drive up to the entrance.

Leh Palace is one of the finest examples of medieval Tibetan architecture. It’s often compared to world-famous Potala Palace in Lhasa. It is made of stones, wood, mud and sand. The walls of the palace stay warmth in winters and create a cool ambiance in summers. The interiors are furnished with crowns, jewelry, ceremonial dresses and artistic paintings, and made from stones and gems. Murals imprint on the walls that represent the glory days of the past. If that’s not enough in your list, then go for its spectacular views of the surrounding mountain range and the valley.

  1. Shanti Stupa

Location: Leh, Jammu & Kashmir.

How To Reach: It is situated at the distance of 5 km from the Leh city or you can can reach there by climbing 500 steps. The location of Shanti Stupa is such that it is visible from all over Leh city.

To obtain both peace and beauty, Shanti Stupa is a perfect getaway for travlers. A white-domed monument built on a Changspa, which is a steep hill and opposite the Leh Palace different in architecture from the Ladhakhi style. It gives a magnificent view at sunrise and sunset, which looks more beautiful at night illuminated in the white light. It was made by Japanese Buddhists along with the locals to celebrate 2500 years of Buddhism and as a symbol of peace. The stupa holds a golden Buddha statue and images of his birth and death. There you can enjoy the ranges of snow-capped mountains provide a stunning backdrop to Shanti Stupa.

  1. Sangam Valley

Location:  Nimmu, Ladakh, Jammu, and Kashmir

How To Reach: It is 48kms from Leh by road.

A Hindi term ‘Sangam’ that describes the point at which two rivers meet. Along the Srinagar-Leh highway lies the Sangam on the way to Leh, it is a confluence of two rivers at Nimmu. It is a point where the emerald waters of the Indus merge with the brownish waters of Zanskar. It is an amazing place to sit, relax, and enjoy a picnic with family and friends.

  1. Pangong Lake

Location: Tso Pangong, Changthang plateau

How To Reach: It is 140 kilometers from Leh via Chang La.

Pangong Tso or Pangong Lake is situated in the higher reaches of the Himalayas. It is an endorheic lake and is one of the largest brackish water lakes in Asia being around 134 km long and extending into China. It changes colors as the sun passes over it from morning till evening. It’s long and spreads across India and China.

Pangong Lake’s quiet, brackish waters offer spectacular reflections of the surrounding mountains. The lakeside is a great place to enjoy a camp-out with friends and family but make sure you come with all possible supplies for there’s absolutely nothing available on the site. There is a souvenir shop at the entrance of the lake – a great place to buy T-shirts, mugs, caps, and hats.

  1. Nubra Valley

Location: Leh, Jammu & Kashmir

How To Reach: It is 150kms from Leh by road.

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world, The Nubra Valley is an isolated region that is a major highlight of the tourism circuit of Ladakh. Nestled between rugged mountains, the Nubra Valley stands as an example of the perfection achieved by Mother Nature when left on her own. It lies to the north of Leh where the Shyok and Siachen Rivers meet and this valley separates Ladakh from the Karakoram Ranges. Panamik village is open to tourists and it is the last settlement at the northern end.

  1. Hemis Monastery

Location: Off Karu, on the Leh-Manali highway

How To Reach: It is 44kms from Leh by road.

Hemis monastery is the largest monastery in Ladakh. Hemis Monastery is popularly known as Hemis Gompa, which was built during the reign of King Sengge Namgyal in 1630. It’s widely known for playing host to the popular Hemis festival every June. Its exquisite architecture, serene surroundings, and views of neighboring mountains make it a must visit on your Ladakh trip. The monastery has one of the rarest collections of Thangka paintings, murals, Buddhist scriptures and stupas made of gold and silver. The walls are also covered with paintings of Buddha. If you happen to visit during festival time, you can see masked dancers performing, listen to traditional music, watch people strolling about in colorful attires and gorge on delicious local cuisine.

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