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Do You Know About The Most Pet Friendly Airlines?


Air Travel has become a business nowadays and there are limits and restrictions attached to every single thing. Especially when you are flying with pets, including dogs, cats, and any other animal; conditions can become little tricky.

There are certain airlines that don’t allow pets on planes so one must be aware of the rules for the same. To avoid any inconvenient situation, one must seek out a pet-friendly airline at the time of booking.

You can get an idea of the best airline to travel with your pet after studying the pet-related policies of different airlines. Some airlines also have restrictions on the flyer whose age is less than 18 years on traveling with the pets.

Here we are discussing the 5 best options of pet-friendly airlines to travel with your four-legged friend:

United Airlines –

United Airlines allows the passengers to carry pets of a certain size, including cats, dogs, rabbits and household birds. Coming to the fee, you need to pay $125 each way.

United Airlines offers PetSafe® Program to passengers traveling with pets. This involves services like airport-to-airport delivery for animals. Plus, you can also enjoy a 24-hour live animal desk. Passengers can earn 500 MileagePlus award miles for each PetSafe shipment within the U.S. plus 1,000 miles for all other shipments.

Jet Blue Airlines –

Talking about the pet friendly airlines, Jet Blue Airlines holds a strong position for offering the most effective services regarding pet traveling on planes. Talking about the fee, the carrier charges a fee of $100 each way and only allows one pet in a carrier per passenger. The weight limit attached to the pet is 20 pounds plus the carrier.

The airline also has the Jet Blue’s JetPaws program which includes a special bag tag for your carrier. This will make your pet earn 300 extra TrueBlue points on each flight segment which you take together.

Alaska Airlines –

You can travel in flights of Alaska Airlines by paying a fee of $100 each way. The allowed pets on the flight are dogs, cats, rabbits and household birds. All the pets traveling must have the health certificate and short-nosed dogs are totally prohibited.

When it comes to an airline offering greater choice for traveling with the unusual animals, it is none other than Alaska Airlines. It includes guinea pigs, hamsters, household birds, non-poisonous reptiles, rabbits and tropical fish. The airline has the Pet Connect service for pets traveling without their owners. Plus, there is also free pet health examination and discounted health certificate for the Pet Connect customers.

WestJet –

When it comes to the least expensive airline offering the services of pets on planes, then there is none other than WestJet. The airline charges a fee from $50 to $60 each way. The fee is from $75 to $90 if the pet is the part of the checked baggage.

Passengers can travel with pets like birds, cats, chinchillas, dogs, and rabbits on WestJet flight. Along with that, one passenger can check up to six pets so WestJet is ideal for the multi-pet traveler.


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