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Items You Need While Traveling From Canada To India


Passport isn’t the only thing that you need while traveling from Canada to India. There are several other items that you need to have. These can be important documents or day-to-day use items. It can also be medical essentials.

So plan your trip patiently and pack every essential in your Baggage. In between all these don’t forget to check the expiry date of your passport. This is a primary thing to note.

Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

It is an entry-level requirement when you are traveling from canada to india. It is linked to your passport electronically. ETA is for short-term purposes. In case you are travelling to India for a business meet or vacations then you need to have this.

Proof of insurance

If you are traveling to India from Canada then it is another very important thing that you may need.

In case of any medical emergency, you will get the benefits of the insurance. Besides that in case of loss of your luggage also you will get the insurance benefits. So don’t forget to carry proof of your insurance with you. It can be a soft copy if you don’t want to carry the hard copy of the document.

Valid driver’s license and international license

You are going to India it doesn’t mean that you never need to drive there. There can be chances of emergency when you need to drive. In these cases, you must need a valid international driving license. So don’t forget to keep it in your small carry bag.

Credit/debit card

When you are travelling to India you need to have a credit card or debit card. Every part of India has ATMs. You can easily do your transactions without any hassle. But have a credit or debit card which is acceptable internationally. You can’t cash so much of cash along with you, so it’s always safer to carry credit or debit card along with you.


Indeed, you can’t carry all the time with you. But being cashless is also a bad idea. There can be any technical issue in the ATM Machine. What will you do in this situation? So always keep some amount of money in your bag for emergency purposes.

Plane tickets

Plane tickets are the most important thing to carry on. How can you forget about these? Your journey will end even before getting started.

Phone numbers and addresses of friends/loved ones

Always keep the contact number and address of your loved ones on your mobile phone. Also, keep them note down on the diary. In case your phone stops working you will not be in trouble.


Don’t load your bags with lots of clothes. Try to keep casual and comfortable clothes. You can easily buy the rest in India. India is very famous for its clothing. It will also help you to blend in their culture.

The good thing about shopping in India is that you can buy clothes at cheaper rates. Only keep the essential clothes in your bag. You can check the essentials in the table given below.


Always keep a small diary and pen in your carry bag. It looks like a very small thing but actually, it matters a lot. You can write very important things in this diary. In case your mobile or any other electronic gadget stops working it will save you.

List of Personal Things List of Clothing Essentials List of Accessories
Soap and shampoo Underwear Suitcase with wheels
Toothbrush Socks Backpack (for day trips)
Toothpaste Cool clothing (shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, dresses, etc.) Sunglasses
Deodorant / Antiperspirant Warm clothing (jeans, pants, sweatshirts, etc.) Water bottle
Tampons / Sanitary napkins Shoes / Sandals Converter / Adapter (electric)
Razor + shaving cream (or electric razor) Sweater (polar fleece or wool) Camera + charger
Hairbrush / Comb Raincoat / Windcheater Video camera + charger
Nail file / Nail clipper Sun hat / Tuque Tripod / Selfie stick
Moisturizing body lotion Scarf Memory card
Makeup kit Pyjamas Mobile phone + charger
Hair elastics / barrettes Swimsuit / Towels Ziploc bags (to protect electronics)
Tweezers Garbage bags (dirty clothing)
Hand mirror Things for First Aid Music / Playlist
Glasses / Contact lenses Moleskin for blisters Hairdryer
Facial tissue Disinfectant Travel pillow and ear plugs (airplane)
Sunscreen Adhesive bandages Snacks
Insect repellent (DEET-based) Thermometer Child’s car seat
Aspirin (or other painkillers) Motion sickness medication Diaper bag for infants
Contraceptive pills / Condoms Anti-Diarrheal medication
Personal medicines Aloe gel for sunburn
Lip balm
Hand sanitizer

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