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Here Are The Activities You Can Do ON 15th August


15th August is the Independence Day when the country’s freedom is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The special day in the history of India has an intense significance. It shows the eminent struggle of the freedom fighters and sacrifice of a thousand innocent lives.

There is Gazetted Holiday all across the whole nation on this day. At every part of the country, people celebrate this day with great shore and warmth.

Book your flights to India and become a part of Independence Day celebration. The honorable day is appreciated by Prime Minister, President of India, military and army processions.

How Can You Celebrate The Day?

Visit The Red Fort, Delhi:

The Whole country celebrates the day of freedom but Delhi is the main attraction. The honorable day is celebrated after Flag Hoisting, Singing the national anthem, parade, and speech by the Prime Minister and President of India.

Flag Hoisting:

Indian flags are hoisted over buildings or raised on flag poles and saluted. On 15th August, the national flag is hoisted at every school and college, and Government building and even on top of some private houses.

Appreciate the Displays:

Republic Day Parade
Republic Day Parade

At the occasion, there will be displays of creative things and parade with March pasting. Even the small children come in the parade accompanies with the beating drums. People gather to enjoy the parade and see the displays dedicated to patriots and martyrs to the freedom of India. In the background, the patriotic songs are played to accompany the parade.

Send the Greetings:

To the loved ones who don’t live near to you send them greetings and cards. It’s the day to encourage the spirit of freedom, independence, self-dependence, sacrifice and love towards one’s who have lost their lives for our freedom.

Get closer to Nation:

Get closer the history, music, literature, and cuisine of India. Go somewhere to learn something about one of these things. If you are one of those who love to stay at home then cook for family. Cook the favorite and special delicacies that your family loves to eat.

Go on a trip to India:

Book your flights to India and go on a trip to explore the history and culture. The destinations such as Delhi may be crowded with people so try to book early and prepared for things already. Visit the nearby places to Delhi and see the Independence Day celebration with ease.

Go for Outing and Fly Kites:

Flying kites describe freedom and independence. Many people used to fly kites on that day. You can also find the crowd of people in the streets and join the tradition of flying kites.

Make your plan and start booking the tickets because there may be crowd and prices may increase. Book through Mintfares and get the Independence Day deals on flight tickets.

Refresh the memories, preserve the freedom, national spirit, and love for the country. Don’t pass the day as a normal day. Get outside and think something special to do as per your choice.


1.> What are the activities done on Independence Day?

Ans:- Dressing up in nothing less than festive spirits, watching the tricolour flag go up and kiss the breeze, singing the national anthem with our friends, take part in competitions hailing the freedom fighters and immersing in a sense of pride are some activities that marked the Independence day celebrations annually in.

2.> What activities can be done on Independence Day virtually?

  • Flag Hoisting
  • Vande Mataram Fest
  • Show a Patriotic Movie
  • Patriotic Costume Contest
  • Independence Day Theme Party
  • Explaining Independence Concepts through Nature
  • Organize Independence Day Quiz
  • T-shirt painting

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