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Fascinating Historical Places In India That You Must Visit


India is a city with the oldest civilization in the world. It has many historic monuments and heritage sites to see the architectural marvels. Book Business Class Flights and see the places with historical importance in India. There several historic places famous as tourist attractions of love, art, and history; some of them are as follow:


TajMahal, Agra:


TajMahal is an incredible epitome of love. It is famous as the symbol of love all over the world. This marble structure is surrounded by the four minarets on corners each of them is 40 m in height.

  • Don’t miss the view of Yamuna River from riverfront terrace.
  • Water channels and fountains in the entrance make the monument more spectacular.
  • Inside the ground, there are ornamental gardens which make it more fascinating.
  • All the four faces of TajMahal are in perfect symmetry.


Red Fort, Delhi:


Red Fort in Delhi is a most famous in terms of political as well as historical value. The building is made up of red sandstone so-called Red Fort.

  • The entire complex represents the architectural creativity by Mughal architecture. In present days the Red Fort has its own importance.
  • At this place on the Independence Day i.e on 15th August every year, Prime Minister delivers his Independence Day speech from the fort.
  • There is a 2 km defensive wall which encloses the fort.


Khajuraho Temples, Madhya Pradesh:


There is a Khajuraho Group of Monuments including Hindu and Jain Temples. Around 85 temples were built but only 22 survived till today.

  • The walls of temples are made of the sandstone with the shades of pale yellow color.
  • The Khajuraho temples are the most graphic sculptures of India. The walls of the temples are based on the theme of women.
  • You can see the sculptures of women dancing, playing, innocent and many other postures.


Jhansi Fort, Uttar Pradesh:


Jhansi fort is situated at a large Bangira Hilltop. From Jhansi Fort, you can find the mesmerizing view of Jhansi.

  • To enter the gate you have to cross the ten gates situated at the outer edge of the city.
  • The fort has a fine collection of sculptures which provide excellent insight into this place.
  • At this fort, the Sound and Light Shows are organized at very cheap tickets. You can also enjoy them; the timings of the shows are different in summer and winter.


Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh:


Sanchi is a small Buddhist city in Madhya Pradesh. There is a great stupa built by Emperor Ashoka on 3rd century B.C and is the main attraction for tourists.

  • It is an important monument for Buddhists.
  • There are lots of Stupas within some distance to each other.
  • You must visit this place to get a glimpse of the development of Buddhist art and sculpture. It is a great attraction to thousands of tourists every year.

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