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9 Simple Reasons Why Flying Is One of the Best Ways to Travel


At times, Flying has been perceived very wrongly or unsafe which is not true. It is, in fact, cheaper, faster and more accessible than one may think. There’s a whole new experience to discover while you are sitting comfortably in your seat and traveling thousands of feet in the air, accompanied by the beautiful views to die for, friendly air passengers and air hostess, serving of great food and much more. It’s time that we say that flying as one of the best ways to travel.

Read below to find out how.


Flying has always been faster than taking the bus, boat, or train. For example, a week-long trip from the US to the UK by boat will take approximately 10 hours via plane. While flying from England to Scotland takes just under an hour, it may absorb around 5 or more hours by train, and who knows how much it will take to travel by car.

When you’re to go back at the end of your trip, a flight is able to get you there in a matter of a few hours as facing a return trip by car can seem painful.

More Affordable:

Airline ticket prices are actually near an all-time low as it may not seem when adjusted for inflation. In fact, allowing more of us to fly than ever before the prices have been declining steadily for 30 years. More efficient aircraft, increased competition, and the amenity to bargain shop for flights online have all played a role in this trend. And while we may still augment at the price of airfare when it is time to book but we are lucky enough to live in an era when the cost of flying is affordable.


You’re probably more likely to get struck by lightning than die in a plane incident, it is that safe in fact. There was a study run by the US Government with 568 plane crashes taking place between 1993 and 2000 in which 90% of the crew and passengers overall survived. If you think that is a lot of crashes, keep mind one another fact that there is on approximately 10,000 planes in the sky.

In-flight Entertainment:

There is a multitude of things to do on the plane as you fly from films to music and interactive maps on the screen in front of you, cool magazines, amusing flight hostesses and in-flight shopping.

The Views:

Always try to get the window seat and keep the blind open. You can drive hundreds of kilometers, climb hundreds of mountains, walk for days and still not experience anything quite like the bird’s eye view from the window seat of a plane. Seeing the world from above, from the tiny skyscrapers to the minuscule cars, you really begin to see just how great and big the planet is as it puts everything in perspective.

Only Way To Reach Some Places:

If you want to fly to Paris or want to relax on the beaches of Tahiti then flying is the only option for you. It is very true the some amazing and beautiful places can be reached by air only. Airlines open up an unlimited number of options for the traveller than other modes of conveyance don’t.

Be Productive:

If you are traveling and sacrificing your work for this then there is no need of doing that! Airlines understand the value of your every second. You can do your work while travelling in the air as well. You get your personal space and the best amenities. If you want to have more personal space, business class  and first-class flights are there for you. You will get a personal space with world-class amenities, you will get in-flight connectivity. You will be surprised to know that, having a business meeting in the air is also not impossible in the air. So save your time and make flying your way of traveling.

Sleep Easily:

Having a good sleep is very important when you are on a long-travel. It affects your health and after-travel journey. What is the use of travelling a long distance if you can’t enjoy it there after travel! Not every travel method lets you sleep you so comfortably and easily. You can sleep without ant fear of robbery or any kind of mishappening.

Amazing Services:

You will get amazing services by the crew-members. You can get the food of your choice; you can enjoy your favorite drinks there. The flight attendants provide you every possible help in the kindest manner; beautiful airports will your journey more comfortable with its beautiful lounges.

These are some reasons why flying is one of the best ways to travel. After analyzing you will see that not any transport will provide you this kind of amenities or services.

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