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‘8’ Newest & Best Airline Lounges Of 2018 For Luxury Travel!


2018 is going to become the major year for the airline lounges. During the first half of 2018, several impressive lounges around the globe opened their doors. These lounges are redefining what relaxation can look like for airline travelers. If you’ll be traveling during the summer of 2018, then take a look at the best airline lounges  for luxury travel.

  1. The United Polaris Lounge At Newark Liberty International Airport

The new United Polaris lounge at Newark offers more space, where passengers ant to explore 30,000 square feet of space when they step inside. For around 500 passengers, the lounge provides comfortable seating area, where every seat is featured with power outlets and USB ports. The guests can also take the advantage of shower suites with rainfall showers, daybeds, and custom services. The lounge is also featured with traditional dining options, a buffet option, and a cutting-edge bar.

  1. The Alaska Airlines Lounge At John F. Kennedy International Airport

The Alaska Airlines Lounge at John F. Kennedy International Airport marks the debut of the first Alaska Airlines lounge on the East Coast. Guests can see comfortable leather seating that awaits them inside the lounge. This lounge offers some great dining options. Treats like full-leaf tea drinks and artisan-crafted espressos can give travelers the java jolts they need. This new lounge is for those passengers who are traveling using Terminal 7 or in First Class. In addition, travelers with lounge membership or day passes can also enter.

  1. The United Polaris Lounge At San Francisco International Airport

Instantly, the new United Polaris lounge in San Francisco earned the admiration of travelers when it opened in the spring. This lounge is featured with full of California-inspired touches. It offers the luxurious perks like daybeds and shower suites. The cuisine offered by San Francisco’s Polaris lounge is best in every way. Guests can enjoy Asian-inspired dishes, a ramen noodle bar and a bar that serves up exotic cocktails.

  1. The American Express Lounge At Melbourne Airport

This new American Express lounge has a visually stunning space that unites the beauty of nature with all comforts that everyone needs. The lounge has tons of tables and chairs that travelers can use to get work done between flights. The most lovable thing about this lounge is its great dining option services.

Apart from this, it also offers all-day dining options and all-day barista services. This lounge does not have showers yet, but showers are scheduled to be installed by the end of 2018. Those passengers have American Express Platinum card, Business Platinum card, Centurion card or Business Centurion card can enter into this lounge.

  1. The British Airways Lounge At Fiumicino Airport in Rome

With elite statuses, British Airways unveiled a new lounge in Rome in the spring that is open for British Airways passengers and oneworld passengers. The rich and contemporary style of this lounge is the perfect place for relaxing or to do some work. The lounge is divided between a quiet zone and a non-quiet zone. It also offers great views of the airport’s runway.

  1. The British Airways Lounge At Aberdeen Airport in Scotland

At Aberdeen Airport, the new British Airways lounge is a comfortable and contemporary space for passengers with the feature of free Wi-Fi and tons of power ports facilities. The lounge has been optimized to offer plenty of space and privacy for travelers.

  1. The Cathay Pacific Lounge At Hong Kong International Airport

In the spring, Cathay Pacific started a new lounge called The Deck in Hong Kong. This lounge is unique because guests can simply spend time or hang out with a friend and also has open living room. Because of its wide array of self-service dining options, this lounge shines. The noodle dishes offered at the lounge really stand out. Its balcony provides some of the best views of the airport and the surrounding area. The lounge is featured eight shower suites for guests. And, the lounge is also accommodating 200 passengers.

  1. The Qantas Club Lounge At Melbourne Airport

Qantas also unveiled its new lounge at Melbourne Airport. This lounge is only for those who are the members of Qantas Gold frequent flyers or Qantas Club. The best thing about this lounge is that it caters to all kinds of travelers. It offers fine food and also offers dining services during a long layover. An easy-access café area is also available for passengers. In addition, there are plenty of comfortable areas.

The long tables are ideal for both working and dining. On the spot, there are clustered seating areas, which are best for business travelers to have informal meetings. It has 3 buffet areas, which offer both hot and cold dishes. There’s even a special drink station where travelers can quench their thirst with non-alcoholic beverages.

More Lounges Are Coming in 2018

Here is the list of new lounges that opened in 2018.

  • United Polaris lounges are set to open at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport and Los Angeles International Airport by some point in the fall.
  • British Airways is also opening a new lounge at Terminal 7 inside JFK. The airline also plans to reinvent existing lounges in San Francisco, Chicago, London, Geneva, and
  • A Nippon Airways lounge in Honolulu.
  • An American Express Centurion Lounge at John F. Kennedy International Airport.
  • Skyteam lounges in Istanbul and Santiago.

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