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Vistara Announces Free Flights For Doctors & Nurses To Kerala!


Vistara come up with relief for the survivors. The full service airline Air Vistara announced that it would be offering free flights for doctors, nurses, disaster management experts and skilled volunteers from accredited institutions and relief organizations to Kerala.

The airlines said, “Air Vistara will provide free flights from DEL & MAA to accredited folks headed to Kerala for relief working -doctors, nurses, skilled volunteers and disaster relief experts. Please email for details and to apply for the free flights.”

The airlines added that due to limited availability of seats, the free flights would be granted on a first-come first-serve basis. Vistara said it is also partnering with Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), India to carry relief material from corporate and accredited NGOs to Kerala.

Meanwhile, Jet Airways said that it has airlifted over 3 tones of medicines and other relief material to Kerala and is facilitating sending additional supplies along with other NGOs.

Jet Airways said, “On humanitarian grounds, the airline has also waived off air freight charges on all domestic cargo shipments of relief material to Kerala.”

Alphons said, “I appeal to General Public: What Kerala requires critical are:

  1. Pre cooked individually packed dry food.
  2. An army of electricians, plumbers, carpenters to make homes livable.
  3. Doctors and nurses who can go down to the villages as there is apprehension about the possibility of outbreak of deceases.
  4. New clothes, if it can be distributed through NGOs.”

Health Minister JP Nadda added, “there is a requirement for 90 different medicines and the first installment has reached.”

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