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Top Travel Tips For Solo Travellers


Not everyone is a savvy-traveller. So never feel ashamed of searching for travel tips, especially when you are travelling alone. Though solo trips give you the joy and adventure of the next level, there can be some time when you can face problems alone. So if you are fond of exploring new places solo then don’t suppress your desires and explore the world fearlessly. Just keep a few things in mind and add one best experience in your travel diary. Book your flight from USA to India  on Mintfares and add one more adventurous solo trip in your account.

Buy a Small Backpack/Suitcase

Going on a long trip? Don’t buy an extremely large or heavy backpack/suitcase. It would be difficult to handle throughout the journey. So always buy a small back-pack which is easy to handle alone.


Pack Your Bag Light

Always keep your backpack or suitcase light. Choose things very wisely and then keep only the essential things in your bag, because a heavy bag can make trouble for you. Besides that, it will be difficult to handle and carry every time in your journey.


Take An Extra Credit or Debit Card With You

Surely, you will be needing cash in your trip, but you can’t keep that much amount of money along with you.  So keep a credit or debit card and make transactions when needed. Now you are going to a different and completely new country or place. Besides that, you are travelling alone and fully dependent on your credit or debit card. But in this world full of technology there can be some technical issues in tour card. So for the safety purpose keep two credit or debit cards.


Keep A No-Fee Credit or Debit Card

Now as you will be using credit or debit cards and you don’t have an idea that how much money you need. So, you will use ATMs again and again. And you will get charged for the foreign transactions. To avoid this loss always get a card which allows you free foreign transactions.


Always Use A Map

Visiting a new place alone is always fun but there are chances of being lost also. So don’t ever hesitate to use a map. It will help you a lot. You can use it on your mobile also. It will keep you updated with the right directions.


Try To Blend In

Looking like a traveller is good but sometimes it may get you in problems. So try to blend in with the people. It will make you safe from thieves because thieves always target foreigners. They think that tourists are easy to target. So be little conscious and also beware of pickpockets.


Always keep Some Cash With You

We are living in a digital world. We hardly keep cash with us, because several apps allow us to transfer money without any hassle. But now you are on a solo journey, so keep some amount of cash along with you. Because there can be some error while transferring online. Or there can be chances that the next person does not accept the money online. So it’s better to keep some hard cash.


Keep A Soft Copy Of Your Passport

Passport is a very important document that you need in your trip to another country. So keep your passport easily. Also, keep a soft copy of your passport and other important documents in case you lost them.


Learn Basic Local Phrases

It not necessary that people of that country speak the same language as you do. And you need to have communication with them. So try to learn some basic phrases, this can help you a lot. You can search the local phrases of that place on YouTube.


Always keep A first Aid kit Along With You

During your journey, you can get injured or can fall sick. This can be a very basic problem or disease, so you should not waste money on doctors. Also, doctors are not available in every part of the country at every time. So it’s always wise to keep a first-aid box with you.


Pre-Book Your Flights

A trip should always be properly planned when you are travelling solo. And booking your flights is another important thing to do. So always pre-book your tickets on the desired dates. It might happen that you don’t get flights according to your plan on booking flights on the last minutes.


Pre-Book Your Hotels

You have a list of places you are going to visit. But wait! Where will you stay? It is always advised to pre-book your hotels  also. It will keep you away from so many troubles. You don’t have to find the place after going to that country.


Try New Food

Every country has different cuisines. Don’t think so much before eating the local food. Keep on trying the new food at all the places you visit, because you can’t get this food in your country easily.


Keep A Water Bottle With You

Water is a very important and essential thing in our life, so how can you forget about it before going on a trip. Always keep a water bottle in your bag pack and keep your body hydrated. Prefer insulated water bottles they keep water cold for a longer time.


Click The Pictures of Your Luggage And Clothes

It might seem funny but you should click pictures of your luggage and clothes. In case you lost them then you should have something that you can show to the police so that get an idea about your stuff. It will help to find your stuff easily.


Get Durable Shoes

Always buy durable and comfortable shoes because travel and long walks are closely related. Sometimes you may need to walk on your feet for hours. So always buy comfortable shoes and make your journey comfortable.



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