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Top ‘7’ Air Travel Problems That Frustrate Every Traveler!


Traveling through the planes sounds exciting but when it comes to fulfilling all the requirements, things can be really challenging. From limits on the baggage to requirements attached to the documents, you need to follow a lot of rules while flying to your desired destination.

A traveler can face a lot of problems and some of them are discussed below. This will help you to take necessary incentives before flying and give an idea of how to tackle them.

  1. Hidden & Additional Charges:

This is a fact that airlines make a lot of money from the passengers. It includes general fines, penalties, and other stuff. Charging customers extras through cheap fares is also counted as one of the tactics. Even if you don’t print your boarding pass in advance, there is a fee attached to it too.

  1. Lost Baggage – A Big Blunder:

One of the most common problems attached to traveling through air is the loss or misplacement of baggage. A number of travelers take flights every day but only a small portion of the overall baggage is affected. But while counting overall, it amounts to millions each year.

  1. Delays Lead To Long Waiting:

Delays are one of the most frustrating airline issues that are faced by several travelers. Delays due to weather and understaffing are the most common. This results in waiting for long hours at the airports which ultimately add big discomfort for the travelers.

  1. Threat Of Overbooking Flights:

When it comes to peak season, the most common issue is the overbooked flights. These days’ people do have little more money to spend on, as a result of which multiple airlines have to face this problem.

  1. Inadequate Check-in Staff:

With the introduction of facilities like online check-in, there can be witnessed a huge reduction in the number of staff members at the airports. This leads to the huge waiting and long queues at the time of check-in which is another major drawback.

  1. Congested Seating:

Most of the economy class passengers are facing the problem of cramped seating arrangements. To increase the profits, most of the airlines are decreasing the size and spacing between the seats, especially in the economy section. Hence, passengers of different sizes find it difficult to sit between these seats for hours.

  1. Problems Of Remote Airports:

The airports are located far from the city, especially in case of low-cost airlines. So it results in paying extra to reach the desired destination. This leads to no savings for the passengers.


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