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Top 6 Things To Be Mindful Of For Your Next International Trip


If you are planning to visit abroad for your higher studies, an international trip or just for an expedition, there are a number of things you can do or plan before getting on the plane. For example, most of us will pack the suitcase with the right kind of clothes, shoes and accessories. But, there are few other things to prepare before traveling abroad, which are equally important for you to keep in mind.

In fact, this is something imperative if you really want to have the best time on your vacations. Here are a few things you should note down and be mindful of before going abroad. MintFares is here to help you with all your travel related requirements which eventually allows you to enjoy your journey the most you can!


Let’s discuss some of the important things to prepare before traveling abroad


1) Get All The Required Vaccinations Certificates With You

Certain travel rules have changed after the covid pandemic. While earlier, the vaccinations were not required barring exceptions. But nowadays, it is a good practice to make sure that you have administered the vaccinations mandated by the country you are visiting. Not to mention, each country has different rules, restrictions and regulations. So, try to keep a constant check on the official website and adhere to the travel advisory of your destination.

2) Carry The Local Currency

If you want your abroad travel to be comfortable, then it is crucial to carry adequate money with you. Perhaps getting yourself an international debit card with a decent balance is always a wise thing to do. That is enough which would be enough to see you through the duration of your stay. There are some banks in India which offer travel currency cards or forex cards as well. These are especially the cards which offer you an opportunity to load them with multiple currencies.

Besides that, there is a more secure way to handle foreign exchange. That is to say, having a credit card to your name. But it is equally important for you to use it sparingly. Another important thing to keep in mind is to remember to not carry all the cards and cash with you when traveling. Because, if your wallet gets stolen, you need to have a fall back option! In case if you are looking for cheap and affordable flights, you can easily book international flights from USA to India with us.

3) Always Try To Book Your Stay In Advance

When you are traveling abroad then securing an accommodation is an aspect you don’t want to leave for the last minute. In fact, this becomes even more crucial when you are traveling to a popular tourist destination. If you are going there during peak tourist season, then try to book your stay right away. Likewise, before you sit down and think about booking a stay, it would be ideal to have an estimate of how much you are ready to spend on an accommodation for the entire duration. After that it’s time for research and finding the best one for you.

4) Keep An Eye On The Weather!

In an ideal scenario, you may have always booked your tickets after having studied what the weather at your destination will be like on your travel day. But, if you are planning to visit any country in the East for example India, you need to prepare well to confront the diverse climatic conditions. Thus you have to include warm clothes and accessories in your luggage. Similarly, if you are traveling to a country which is prone to natural disasters such as typhoons, hurricanes or even volcanic eruptions, then try to keep an eye on the latest weather reports. After all, during your foreign trip, it’s better to be prepare beforehand than be stranded in an airport due to unexpected weather conditions. This is also considered as one of the most important things to prepare before traveling abroad.

5) Activate International Roaming On Your Sim

When you are traveling abroad then International roaming is a service that enables mobile users to make and receive calls or text messages while they are visiting another country. Therefore, roaming service extends the operator’s coverage to permit usage of the home operator’s mobile number and network services within a foreign country. Traveling abroad with an international roaming plan is effortless which is based on your travel destination and the duration of your trip.

6. Keep Your Visa And Passport Up-To-Date

When you book your tickets, the next step is to make sure that your passport and visa are up to date. So, always check that your passport has not expired. However, if it has, then apply for a new one and in case the date of travel is close then you can avail the Tatkal passport service. It is advisable that you get your passport ready at least a couple of months prior to your departure. Subsequently, it’s better to make copies of it and carry them along with you. It is indeed a precautionary step which will be useful if by any chance you lose your passport or someone steals it.

Besides that, read up on the visa requirements of the country you are visiting. A visa is a document which a country issues that allows you to travel there for a period of days or months. Therefore, note that every country requires either a pre-approved visa or a visa on arrival. If you want to apply for a pre-approved visa, then you will have to apply for one in order to get it processed before your trip. Hence, plan well in advance because visa is on arrival is relatively convenient but keep in mind that the entry fees may vary from country to country, so try to make an account of that while budgeting. Eventually, if you keep your passport and visa up to date then you can easily fly to India or to any other country.



We hope and believe that this little piece of information will give you a good idea about things to prepare before traveling abroad. We have tried to mention some of the most important of those here and hope that they will help you understand what to do in order to complete your journey in a hassle-free manner. Apart from this, we are here to help to book your flights at reasonable rates and make your journey memorable with us.

Our experts are here to help, if you have any questions related to your flight bookings to India from USA or Canada. You’ll be delighted to know, we have the most exciting deals for our esteemed clients and allow them to book cheap flight tickets from India to Canada with us. So, if you want to grab all these amazing deals, then just get in touch with us for more details.