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The cancellation policy of Cathay Pacific


Flight cancellations can be confusing as well as expensive. But in plain English, this page describes the Cathay Pacific cancellation process. 

Once you read it, you’ll understand Cathay Pacific’s flight cancellation rules, helping you save both time and money when canceling and seeking a refund.

Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy for Full Refunds 


How can we get a free cancellation on my Cathay Pacific flight?

According to Cathy Pacific’s cancellation policy, refunds are only available for economy superstar tickets. 

In addition, for many other tickets, refunds are available, but there will be an expense.

If you meet these circumstances, you can change the flight and receive a full refund on the remaining amount of your ticket.

Cancel flights from the US with no fees if scheduled at least seven days before exit. Applies to all airlines.

Moreover, this exists if you made the reservation on Cathy Pacific’s U.S. website .

When you think to call off  without paying a fee, you must do so within twenty four hours of   your reservation.

If you are a member, you can get a return if you purchase a ticket through the Cathay Pacific   app or internet site  and cancel it the same day .

You had  a valid  reservation, but you were not allowed to board.

There is a minimum 5-hour delay on your flight.

 If your flight goes on hold, you will not be able to use the same ticket for a connection. 

The ticket you are holding is a First Flex.

Rare circumstances, like the death of a passenger/immediate family member, a serious illness, or other proof, may allow exceptions with Cathay Pacific.

In all other cases, there will be a cancellation fee that is set at the time you cancel.



Additionally, the Cathay Pacific cancellation policy specifies: 

You can cancel your flight online through Manage Booking and receive a full refund if you do so within the 24-hour window.

 Refunds made within 7 days of travel or over 24 hours post-ticket purchase attract a fee in line with route and fare conditions. 

24-Hour Cancellation Policy for Cathay Members


Cathay Pacific members can change dates for free within 24 hours of booking if they meet the established criteria.

Via the Cathay website or mobile app, you made a direct ticket purchase.

At least eight days (or 192 hours) have gone by since you made your reservation, and You either used cash plus miles or miles plus cash.

Within 24 hours of booking, you put forward an online refund appeal through Manage Booking. 



If you cancel within twenty-four hours, Cathay Pacific will refund your tax and fuel fee.

Refunds for travel extras like baggage, seat bookings, or lounge passes can be sought for using Cathay’s online form or by contacting customer care.

Exceptions to the 24-Hour Cancellation Policy


Cathay Pacific will not refund bookings if:

Your initial flight’s exit is within 192 hours (8 days)

The airline has either issued or used your ticket already.

You have made use of the fare hold service. 

You are traveling with a split booking, which means that one or more passengers were not on your original ticket.

After the free cancellation deadline, you submit your refund request.

You can use Customer Care, live chat, or a mobile app to request a refund.

Hotels, travel insurance, Asia Mile award reservations, and other items bought in conjunction with flights

Cathay Pacific Cancellation Fee


What is the Cathy Pacific Flights cancellation fee?

Tickets that are not used or are only partially used are subject to a $150 cancellation fee from Cathay Pacific and a $200 fee if they expire.

You will typically receive a charge of USD 150 for cancellations, with the exception of non-cancelable Economy Supersaver fares.

There are no cancellation fees if you have a First Flex refundable ticket. 

How do I check your refund status?


If you booked directly with Cathay Pacific and sought a refund online, you can check your refund status for the last 90 days online



Cathay Pacific’s cancellation policy offers flexibility within specific limits. Refunds are often given for economy superstar tickets within 24 hours, but fees may apply based on timing and fares. However, Cathay Pacific members enjoy extra benefits, such as free date changes within 24 hours of booking under particular terms. Visit our website, Mint Fares, for additional details.