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Unlocking Efficiency: The Secret to Saving Time and Money with Red Eye Flights


Are you also intimidated by the thought of a long haul flight and don’t want to spend an entire day traveling? In depth you are not alone, most of us face the hard choice of taking a long haul flight during the day and destroying it completely on travel or spending the night traveling. Therefore, red eye flights are an easy solution to this big problem. However, red eye flights cheap are really comfortable and easily available.

However, red eye flights or overnight flights are really comfortable as well as a cost effective way to travel long distances without sacrificing precious daylight hours. The airline has derived its name from a bleary red eyed look. It Time and again leaves a tiredness on the face of travellers. In this article we will be exploring all the benefits and tips that will surely help you to survive on overnight long haul flights.


First of all, let’s discuss what are red flights?

Red eye flights are overnight flights that stalk late at night and arrive too soon, in the morning, between 10pm and 6am. Therefore, they are called red eye flights because of the fatigue they can cause to their travellers. However, these flights are scheduled for longer journeys for instance international as well as cross country flights. red eye flights cheap are really warm for people who want to spend the best time possible at their destination without worrying so much about the cost including day travel.

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Let’s discuss the benefits of red eye flights in detail:

  • Cost effective – Red eye flights are usually cheaper than day time flights. Airlines often slash ticket prices to attract more passengers to red eye flights.
  • Saves time – Choosing a red eye flight means arriving at your destination ahead of time. This gives you an entire day to explore or attend business matters.
  • Less crowd – Red eye is mostly chosen by people who want to reach their destination quite early. Therefore, there is a great chance of having less crowd on the flight. So you do not have to stand in long queues, faster security checks and enough space to spread out in the cabin.
  • Opportunity to sleep – The flight time-table of red eye flights usually matches your daily sleeping hours. Therefore, you can sleep on the plain well and wake up energetic and ready to spend your whole day exploring.


Expert tips to survive red eye flight:

Surviving an overnight flight gets really difficult sometimes no matter how experienced a flier you are. However, with the right strategies you can reach your destination feeling completely fresh. Here are some tips to help you to make the most of your red eye flight.

Adjust to your destination time zone:

If you are traveling to a different time zone, the best way to survive your overnight trip is to adjust to that time zone earlier. Adjust your sleep schedule a few days earlier before the journey, especially if you plan to stay at the destination for more than a week.

Book a flight that suits your sleep habit:

Always try to book a red eye flight that suits your sleep schedule. For instance, if you usually sleep at 11am try to book a 10 pm flight this will give a better chance of falling asleep once on board.

Pick a window seat:

Window seats are known to be the best for sleeping. You do not have to deal with the disturbance of the passenger seating next to you going to the restroom.

However, the chances of disturbance are very less. Therefore, you will have a better chance of having a restful sleep. Especially during the long haul USA to India international flights.

Avoid alcohol:

Most people think one or two glasses of wine can help them in getting better sleep. However, you may fall asleep but that sleep will not be restful. Drinking alcohol also shoots up your chances of waking up dehydrated. Therefore, it is always better to avoid taking any kind of substance or alcohol before or during your flight.

Pack the right things:

Packing things that help you sleep really comfortably is as important as picking the right seat. Always carry your sleep masks and earplugs to drown out unwanted light as well as noises. However, always keep your travel blanket and pillow incase if cabin is really cold.

Have a small meal before boarding:

Always try to have a small meal before boarding. If you might plan on sleeping during the flight. It is best to have nutritious meals before the flight. Take a light or balanced meal to avoid potential digestive discomfort during the flight.

Following a morning routine:

Wake up sometimes before the flight lands to follow your morning routine. Therefore, this will help you begin your day normally. Consider freshening up to prepare yourself for the day.

Long flight essentials you should never miss:

The best way to flourish on a red eye flights cheap is by sleeping. And not just sleeping but sleeping well. Here is a list of essentials you should carry to have a good time during your flight. Remember by following a night time routine is the best way to make your brain believe that you are now ready to sleep.

Tooth Brush:

If you have a habit of brushing your teeth at night, you must follow this routine during the flight. Therefore, carry your toothbrush and toothpaste to brush your teeth before sleeping.

Eye Mask:

Light is the burden of good sleep. Therefore, carry a good eye mask to unwanted lights during the flight. You can use nice earplugs and noise cancelling headphones to block unwanted noises.

Travel pillow and blanket:

Travel pillow or blanket can make or break your sleep. Therefore, carry a pillow that provides support to your head. And a blanket that gives you warmth in the cold cabin.



If you also want to take advantage of reduced crowds or cheaper traveling, there is no better option than a red eye flight. However red eye flight may initially seem discouraging but with proper preparation. You can turn them into part of your travel routine.

Therefore, do keep all these survival tips in your mind while traveling with red eye flights. And if you are looking for a cheap flight tickets from Canada to India then MintFares is always available to serve you. We provide amazing deals and offers on flight tickets. you can visit our website or you can also us on our twenty-four seven toll free number.