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Saudi Arabia Suspends All International Flights to India and 15 Other Countries


After a rapid surge was seen in the covid-19 cases in Saudi Arabia Suspends all International Flights, the Kingdom has banned all the flights to India including fifteen other countries. The other fifteen countries to which the citizens of Saudi Arabia are not allowed to travel to are Ethiopia, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Venezuela, Belarus, Armenia, Vietnam ,Indonesia and Libya and The Democratic Republic of Congo.

Health in Saudi Arabia

Moreover, the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia Suspends has also made an announcement that there are no monkey pox cases in the country yet. Minister of Health for preventive health Abdullah Asiri has assured that the Kingdom is efficient in dealing with every medical emergency and is keeping track if any case emerges.

According to the World Health Organization, until now there are 80 cases in 11 countries of monkey pox. The global health body is monitoring and working to understand the cause of the outbreak. It also said that the virus is endemic among some animal populations in some countries. That is the reason why it leads to occasional outbreaks in local populations and travellers with Mintfares.

 On the contrary

On the other hand, India has seen a rise in covid-19 cases as it reported 2022 new cases in less than 24 hours on Monday. The total number of cases in country now stands at 4, 31,38,393 and active cases have dipped to 14,832 as per the Union Health Ministry.

The death toll in the country stands at 5, 24,459 as per the data on Sunday.