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Round Trip Vs One Way Air Ticket: Which Is A Better Option


When planning to travel by air we know there is always this conundrum we all come across and it’s definitely which can leave most of us in a dilemma. When you travel from USA to India by air, you always get confused whether you should buy a round trip ticket for you or just go with the one way air ticket.

Well, we can understand your concern and you have arrived at the right door as we will try to encapsulate each and every important factor related to the round trip and one way air tickets. First of all you need to understand the exact difference between a round trip and a one way flight before you book a flight to India.

After a brief comparison and understanding the nuances between both of these aforementioned options, it will certainly help you to choose the best deal for yourself. We know when you book a flight; your preferences, situation and respective budgets are the most important things which need to be kept in mind. So let’s talk and discuss how these distinguish from each other.


Round Trip Flights

When you choose to book a round trip flight ticket for yourself it means that you will travel from one destination to another and then return to the same destination where you started your journey from. Usually you will come back by the same route either directly or via another connecting country or city.


Benefits Of Booking A Round Trip Flight?

When you have a fixed schedule for your return journey, the round trip flight is the best option you can go for instead of booking two separate flight tickets. You will also be able to save some good money on booking a round trip ticket for your flight as they are comparatively cheaper than the one-way air tickets.

Another advantage booking a round trip flight presents you with is that you won’t have to worry about booking another flight ticket on your way back as a round trip flight ticket will already take care of it beforehand.


One Way Flights

When you book and travel on a one way flight, it means that you will only be able to get to your destination of travel and won’t avail the privilege of returning on the same ticket like you get on a round trip flight ticket. For returning back as if you wish to do so, you will have to buy another ticket for your return journey.


Benefits Of Booking A One Way Flight?

If you do not have a fixed schedule for your return journey, you are going for a long vacation or you aren’t sure about the exact date when you wish to return, then choosing the one way flights is the best option for you.

As you have a flexible schedule you can identify and choose the best deal for your return ticket after spending a good amount of time on your vacation. You don’t have to keep worrying about returning back and can even extend your vacation for a couple of days as per your mood and whims.


Some Tips for Buying Cheap Flight Tickets

Like every other traveler we understand you always look forward to booking cheap flight tickets. We will mention some invaluable tips and ingenious ways that will surely help you grab the best deals on your flight tickets. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Instead of choosing to buy your flight tickets on weekends, go for booking them on weekdays. This can really help you book cheaper round trips or one way flights.
  • Try to be a little flexible with the dates whenever you book your one way flight tickets. You can see which days in particular are cheaper to travel for you and book flights accordingly.
  • Choose the best ticket booking platform like the Mint Fares and grab the best deals for you. We provide the best and cheapest flight deals to India.
  • Negate the issue of price hikes by always using the incognito mode when searching for cheap deals on flight tickets. It’s one of the smartest ways to look for cheap flight tickets.
  • If you book your flight tickets in advance and a month or two before your intended day of travel, it can really save you a lot of money on your flight tickets.
  • Another option is to go for the red eye flights as they too are less occupied and often present you with a great opportunity to save your time and money on air travel.
  • Considering traveling on budget airlines rather than the premium ones will always be a wise method to save your hard earned money on air travel.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to make the right use of your reward points if you have some in the bag. They will lend you that advantage of getting some discount on the available deals.



We believe all the facts we have discussed in this piece of article about the round trip and the one way flights are what every traveler should be aware of. Your preferences, requirements and budget, all needs to be taken care of before you book yourself a flight. It’s wise and smart to always book flights accordingly as per your intended itinerary.

For more information about international air travel and booking cheap flight tickets you can always visit Mint Fares website. We offer the best deals to our customers on Canada to India flights as well. We have been the best in the business and having a wide applicable knowledge of the market we leave no stone unturned to provide the most affordable flight tickets to our customers.



Q1. What is an outbound flight?
Ans: An outbound flight simply means a flight that is leaving or is just about to leave for reaching another destination.

Q2. What is an inbound flight?
Ans: An inbound flight simply means a flight that is arriving from another place.

Q3. Does canceling a round trip flight requires a double cancellation fee to be paid?
Ans: No, you won’t have to pay the cancellation fee twice or double the amount in case you booked a round trip.

Q4. What is a throwaway ticket and how people use it?
Ans: When a passenger books a ticket to a particular destination but only intends to travel for only a portion of the journey is called a throwaway ticket. It usually happens when a passenger books a round trip in spite of a one way ticket as the former is cheaper to buy than the latter.

Q5. Which major airlines are flying from USA to India?
Ans: Air India, United Airlines, Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways and Jet Airways are the major airlines connecting USA to India.

Q6. Which destinations in India can I travel directly from USA to India?
Ans: You can book your flights to Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Mumbai in India from USA.