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Reasons Why Traveling In India Is A Secret Of Happiness


The purpose of the journey is not just to travel;it’s the usefulness of the journey. You can learn a lot from traveling if you know how to travel. India is a vast country which is growing its popularity as a unique travel destination.

The Secret Of Happiness In India:-

Most of the people are pursuing happiness through traveling in India. This is because the country is full of everything.This everything word includes people, natural beauty, food, culture, music, religions, and strange beliefs. Happiness lies in your action and within the attitude with which you live.Here are the reasons what makes you pack your bags and take the flights to India?


Best Hospitality by Indian People:-

A famous Indian quote “AtithiDevoBhav” defines that the guests and tourists are treated equivalent to God in India. It is a famous belief in India so you will get the best hospitality here. Every year millions of tourists are attracted only due to Indian hospitality.



A smile says a million words” that is how you will be treated here. Indian people are friendly, humble, and lovable with the guests and that’s why it is growing popularity of homestays in India. You can sense the hospitality within the Indian culture itself.


Fascinating Nature of India:-

In India, you can explore different natural moods of the country. Green forest, snow-capped mountains,perennial Rivers,magnificent waterfall, wetlands, and appealing lakes will make you feel peaceful.These beautiful landscapes and scenic views will definitely impact on your mind and body. You will feel happier from within by releasing the stress.



Some of the best ones are:

  • Scenic Backwaters” of Kerala
  • Grassy hill station “Khajjiar” a peaceful paradise in Himachal Pradesh
  • Scotland of the East”Shillong with numerous waterfalls


Mouthwatering Typical Indian Cuisine:-

Indian food is a big reason for many travelers to return India again.Extreme spicy to extreme sweet dishes, with perfectly flavored ingredients,will take your heart away. Indian meal can meet the expectations of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The recipe varies from region to region which is beyond explanation. Some of them are:



  • Dhokla, Khandvi, and Khakras” haveblending texture and subtle flavors of Gujarat.
  • Makkiki Roti with SarsokaSaag and lassi” is an amazing delectable dish of Punjab.
  • Taste theMughlai influence in “HyderabadiBriyani


Explore Spirituality and Refresh your Soul:-

In India,spiritualism is not just a mental practice, it is a tradition.India has given the worldwith maximum number of philosophical thoughts on the basis of spiritual and moral life. People from all across the world come here to learn yoga and meditation. You will experience mental piece which will let you achieve the happiness and purpose of life.



Top spiritual destinations in India are:

  • Sacred Hindu City “Varanasi
  • One of the oldest holy places in India “Haridwar
  • The birthplace of Yoga “Rishikesh

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