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Why You Should Prefer First Class Flight Deals


For a more comfortable and streamlined travel experience or if you don’t like to stand in long lines for boarding a plane, then going for the first class flight deals is the only right choice.

First class may still be worth the upgrade even you’re flying domestically or internationally. It may be few yards from the economy but it might as well be a different world.

Staying in the economy will let you miss other benefits that might be more valuable in real life.

  1. Free Drinks:

Most of the airlines offer free liquor, beer and wine to the passengers of the first-class. But before that, you sure want to check what type of amenities is being offered on your flight.

It is advised to not to drink too much on an airplane as the flight attendants won’t let you board if you’re too intoxicated to fly even though you’re in first class.

  1. No Stress:

If long security lines and crowds of hovering passengers irritate you, then the first class will be a great welcome for you. Checking in is faster than other class and at some airports, first-class passengers can easily board the plane through priority screening lanes. You can enjoy that complimentary drink as you’ll also get on the plane faster. You’ll also get access to the airport lounge.

  1. More vacation time:

The main benefit of traveling first class is that you’re more likely to arrive at your destination well-rested and refreshed especially if you’re on a long-haul flight. First-class seats are roomier and comfier than those back in coach.

Seats also convert to lie-flat beds on most international flights and some longer domestic routes.

  1. Top class amenities:

There are some of the most special amenities that are provided to the first class passengers. For example, passengers flying in Delta One class from LAX enjoy a private check-in area with snacks and special security access.

On international flights like Etihad Airways, it has a three-room residence that comes with a butler, a suite shower, a personal chef. Private small sized apartments are also available in first class.

  1. Ability to work:

The more spacious seats in first-class mean more work if you’re planning to spend a more productive time on a flight or if you have some presentation to work on. It’s almost impossible to work while you are seated in economy class.

A first-class seat is a real office with privacy and Wi-Fi.

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