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Pre-Ordering Of Inflight Meals Now Available For All Singapore Airlines Flights


Singapore Airlines has launched an in-flight meal pre-ordering service that allows passengers in suites, first class, and business classes to pre-select their main courses.

The service is to be available on all flights within the airline’s network.

Singapore Airlines previously soft-launched it in August 2018, but only for trips departing and arriving in North Asia. It allows customers to see and select from menus on the airline’s website from three weeks to 24 hours prior to their flights.

The service is an addition to Book the Cook, a program through which customers in suites, first, business and premium economy classes on certain flights are able to pre-select their in-flight main courses from a separate menu with up to 68 options. Among the offered menu items are classic Western, Asian and meatless dishes. Creations by the airline’s acclaimed cooks and international culinary panel are available as well.

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