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Policy Update Restricting Dogfights In Passenger Cabin By United Airlines


United Airline officials have announced on Monday regarding tightening the restrictions for the comfort of their guests by updating the policy on allowing dogfights in the passenger cabin.

Receiving numerous complaints from the passengers and employees alike concerning health risks of blood splashing on tray tables, dogs breaking free from the handlers, the group cheering and blocking the exit areas putting the safety at risk, United Airlines will no longer be permitting the passengers to stage a dogfight in the cabin or any other bloodsport on flight.

It was said by the United spokesperson; Hobart that originally their dogfight policy was meant for the guests to relax in flight. But people started taking advantage of it by the gambling of the airline miles.

There was a sharp increase in the frequency and size of the dogfights, touting seven to eight dogs on a single flight for the main event.