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A complete Key book on: How to Apply for a Temporary Canada Visa


Canada is an exceptionally evolved country that draws in many individuals who desire to visit it. They either need to go touring as travelers, visit family or companions, or even review and work there. To have the option to do that, a significant number of these individuals need to get Canada Visas. There are two significant classifications of Canada visas relying upon the time that you intend to remain:


  1. Transitory Canada Visas for momentary stays:(Temporary Canada Visa)
  2. Extremely durable Canada Visas for long haul stays:(Permanent Canada Visa)


What is a Temporary Canada Visa?

The Temporary Visa for Canada is a stamp on the candidate’s identification that permits them to attempt to enter the country for a brief timeframe, generally a half year or less. At the point when you apply for a Temporary Canadian Visa, you acquire what is known as a Temporary Residence for Canada.

Non-residents of Canada need to acquire a temporary residence visa on their arrival in Canada. It can be easily achieved by following the steps listed below:


Step 1: Specify the need for the Visa:

The utmost important step is to be specific about why you want the visa? A person who has visited Canada for studies like a diploma or a degree needs to ensure that he avails of the study visa. On the other hand, if a person is visiting Canada to be a tourist requires a tourist visa. Therefore it’s of utmost importance that you are sure about the need for your visa to Canada.


Step 2: Download and Fill the Right Forms:

Select An Application Package under the inquiry, “What are you searching for?” and pick the classification Immigrate, Visit, Work or Study in the drop-down menu. In the drop-down menu for “What are you applying for?” pick the justification for coming to Canada. An imminent global understudy right now living beyond Canada would, for instance, select To Study in Canada, and afterward, in the following drop-down menu pick Study Permit Applications – From Outside of Canada. Make sure to check your detail correctly before filling them on the website.


Step 3: Check out the Processing Times:

 It’s smart for candidates for Canadian visas to check the ongoing handling times which differ by sort of visa and the country in which the visa applicant lives. A visa applicant from the UK can secure a Canadian visa in 8 weeks while it can take up to 23 weeks for a person residing in China. 


Step 4: Pay the processing fee:

The payment amounts and payment process also depend on the visa you have applied for. The IRCC website provides information regarding the specifications required for every country.

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